• Black lives matter

    Black people are different in race but should still be treated the same.
    Their is no reason why black folk should be treated wrong, Although they should not be treated more importantly as white people. All jobs should be open for whites and blacks and straights and gays and women and men for a more equal society, And that's that.

  • "Color of Skin" has no value.

    My "opposition" to this is controversial, And is intended to be so. The color of one's skin grants no inherent benefits. Life itself is what matters. More specifically, What we choose to do with our lives is what matters. This phrase is incredibly polarizing and often forces people into a false dichotomy, In that you either are a racist yourself (by opposing), Or you agree that modern society in large part is unredeemably racist (by agreeing). This movement is a bully movement, And Obama told us all how we should treat bullies. . .

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