Do Blu-ray discs feature a picture quality superior to DVDs?

  • Yes. Blu - ray disc picture quality is greatly superior to DVDs.

    Blu-ray disc quality is much better than regular DVDs. I didn't believe it until we bought our Blu-ray player. The first movie we watched on it was so much more vivid and sharper than what we had been used to with our old DVD player. There was so much more detail to each scene, too. We have been spoiled by our Blu-ray player. I would hate to have to go back to a plain DVD player.

  • Yes they do.

    Yes, Blue-Ray pictures are generally more superior to those found on a DVD. I will admit however that some upscaled DVD's look just as good or better than certain Blu Ray movies that I have watched in the past. Blu Ray's have a higher capacity and therefore more potential to contain a higher quality movie.

  • More digital quality

    Yes, Blu Ray discs do feature a greater picture quality that the DVDs do. The are digitally enhanced, and provide a clearer picture and sound. They are also filled with a lot more options that make the discs more interactive. Overall they have a much better picture, which is why they cost more.

  • They are higher resolution.

    Yes, Blu-ray discs feature a picture quality superior to DVDs, because they are the next generation of technology. Blu-ray discs are capable of sending a lot more information. The picture is better and it looks a lot better on a large-screen television. DVD are just older, and do not convey the information or detail that DVDs do.

  • No they don't.

    The Blu-ray discs are not superior to the picture quality of DVDS. I do not think that using them make any difference especially if you have a standard TV, which most people do. I think the quality comes up the same as the quality on regular DVD players and there is no reason to buy them over the other.

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