• Might sound silly, yes.

    But… I think books could cause violence. I read psychological thrillers and memoirs and real life stories that have affected people in such a negative way that they are not known writers but simply known for their tragedy that they shared with the world. I think if you are a naive person or easily influenced, anything but someone's words can get to you to, possibly, cause violence to them in real life. People get sucked into books, stories. Not everyone handles that in a sane way. People give themselves idols, and idols aren't always good people. It's shocking what books can do to a vulnerable mind.

  • I Don't Think So.

    I have been banned from reading violent books such as the Hunger Games, but that did not stop me from reading them. I read them and had no violent side effects. This may just be my mental stability, but I have seen and met many people who have read the most violent of books and had no abnormalities with it.

  • Of course not

    It's never been proven. It's just as stupid of the idea that video games cause violence. I think that was the point of this suggestion, actually--to point out how ridiculous it is that video games cause violence. As a child, I read violent books and the images I imagined and felt were much more violent and disturbing than any video game I have ever played (any kid who has ever read Warrior Cats will know what I'm talking about). Yet, if Warriors was a video game, it would be considered unfit for children. Books don't cause violence. Video games don't cause violence. They are just harmless forms of media.

  • Books Avoid Violence

    People who are avid readers are not likely to be violent people ready to commit violent crimes. Even when books describe violence, they don't encourage it. People who learn to read and engage in that activity often are more used to reasoning and thinking. They are less likely to commit violent crimes.

  • This is stupid

    How can you possibly say or even think that books cause violence? If anything is causing violence its the internet. People think they're anonymous on it and that they can get away with mean and hurtful, negative things being said directly to a person. A book is there to inform about mistakes and the past so that the world doesn't recreate these horrors even Mein Kampf is used to inform readers about how and why Hitler did what he did. Psychologist students read this book with the intent of figuring out why Hitler believed as he did and what type of mental illness he may, or may not, have had. The video games of the world today are not as informative as a book, but they are ten times more violent. Especially with the new 3D quality, high definition visual settings which make blood, gore and horrors seem so real that these children become addicted to seeing these sites, which is why we have cutters and depressed people

  • No way !

    Can anybody tell me how senseless this question is ? We shouldn't discuss if books cause violence. We should rather ask ourselves why our children don't read books anymore. What has become of the world if the children aren't allowed to read books anymore because the may cause violence ? If anything, the video games cause violence. But books, no way

  • I read books

    Any time you see me I have a book in my hand. I'm ALWAYS reading. I am not a violent person. Most of the time I am the opposite. I don't see how this argument has come around but I find it quiet stupid. I can see the video game, but books?? Come on people, get it together!

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