• Literacy: The Ultimate Value

    What do we value? Not enough people ask themselves that very important question. The truth is that without literacy, without testing your own ideas, you will not be able to participate in society. If you can't read, a smartphone will be worthless. Superficial values like appearance, clothing, body shape or size, depreciate in value for those that are fortunate enough to be born with certain DNA. We all age. Books, however, provide an opportunity for readers to learn about other people, to gain insight into themselves. Studies have shown that reading novels improves our capacity for empathy. What better argument can there be for books?

  • Books offer something clothes and gadgets never could

    Books provide readers with knowledge, imagination, and dreams. When you put those three things together, the product is success, innovation, and invention. It's what helps the world progress, not just with technology or fashion trends, but even in ideals, ethics, and culture. Gadgets and high end clothes are nice, but books carry for greater value for the reader.

  • Yes, books are timeless.

    Clothes are important, but fashion changes on almost a daily basis. Plus there aren't really any advantages to wearing expensive clothes. Electronic gadgets can be very helpful in everyday life, but they usually become obsolete or stop working within a couple years of purchasing them. Books can last a long time, and they probably won't become obsolete or go out of style.

  • Love Books but their value has declined.

    It's sad but true. The hard copy of a book just isn't what it once was. There was a time when we had book stores, but there aren't many of these lefts. The only way libraries have remained viable is by evolving and including computer labs. Yes, there are those who still prefer a hard copy book over a tablet computer but the book is now becoming obsolete and not as in demand as before. Some may say that could make it go up in value, true but in this case would someone pay more for something that could get cheaper through download.

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