• We love a good loser. As a brit, i would know.

    Winning is all very well but there is nothing interesting about the winners because they won. They're accomplished and proud of what they've done, and all the rest. What we love is to see the 'underdog' if you will - just look at our comedy! Its all about celebrating foolishness, sarcasm, annoying personality traits and people who fail at what they do. Then again i get that we do like a bit of success like at the olympics i suppose, but right now in the world cup we think its sort of sweet how England were out so early, the masses of our culture can relate :) anyway its best not to categorize people into winners or losers, i think everyone is both really and all cultures and nationalities celebrate both in different ways; why the brits are singled out here i dont know. Anyway have a nice day x

  • I agree that Brits prefer winners.

    What country in their right mind would prefer a loser mentality? Much like us in the United States we are a country that loves our people winners and losers. I cant imagine that the "brit's" would feel any differently about their people regardless of what side of the winner/loser coin they are on.

  • winners are always preferred!

    This is the sort of achievement that deserves the sort of adulation. All robson did was win one set against a tennis player in Hantuchova who has suffered a drastic slide down the rankings. We will never achieve greatness in this country if we continue to praise people for being losers.

  • Everyone loves a winner.

    In spite of their controversial military past, brits do prefer winners. This is why they are allies with the Americans. Americans win things like olympics, and bike races. The Brits are unfortunately not often the winners. This may be due to an unhealthy belief that they are better than everyone even though there is conflicting evidence to the claim.

  • Not Sure About This One

    Not quite sure what the question is implying here? Is it applying people in Britain root for the underdog and not the people who rig the system? In my book, there is no winners or losers, just people who are jerks and people who are not jerks. Usually the people who have to classify people this way are the jerks. If that is what the question was implying?

  • They like winners.

    I think that the British people will want winners, not losers. No one likes a bunch of losers, but everyone looks up to and idealizes a winner. Look at professional sports. You do not see the losing teams getting the recognition, you get the best who win the most games.

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