Do businesses have the right to take their names off of review websites like Yelp?

  • They have the right

    Online review sites give us an opinion of a place before we go there. Often the reviews are posted by competitors, trolls, or people who want attention. It is their company and their reputation, so yes, they have the right. Also, Dear top right column poster, it does not say removing specific reviews, it says removing their name off of the site, NO positive reviews and NO negative reviews

  • I think it depends

    If the information is credible, then no I really don't think so. Maybe they should have a way to verify what people are saying so someone can't go on there and slam somebody because it's a personal beef or something. I do think there should be some regulations and stuff like that

  • No They Should't

    Dear Business Owners,

    Let's be honest. I feel like you're undermining customers when you assume we take Yelp seriously. We don't. Yes, I've used Yelp in the past and I've also noticed their bad practices. I've witnessed them bother the business I work for and it doesn't take much to assume that they aren't on the up and up. Given the recent court ruling it's obvious. Owners need to realize that we are more savvy than they give us credit for. However, allowing businesses to remove reviews from Yelp could allow them to remove from other more credible review site in the future and that is not a precedent we want to set as consumers.

    Thank you...

  • I would have to say that it would depend but as a general rule, yes.

    There could be certain circumstances where wild allegations are made and discredit a company which should not be okay. On the other hand, we all have the constitutional right to free speech so in general, we should be allowing it. There are exceptions but that is the case with all rules and so we must focus on the main idea.

  • No, they shouldn't be able to

    I don't think they should be able to remove their names from review websites as if they get bad reviews they would instantly remove themselves to make it look like they haven't been reviewed yet rather than showing that they have bad reviews. If everyone was to remove themselves from review websites if they had bad reviews then there would be no businesses to review

  • Consumers have a right to keep businesses in line by review sites like Yelp

    There are plenty of arguments for and against review websites where companies can easily be slammed by one consumer's experience or unfair reviews, but in the end when your business provides quality service a few outliers with negative reviews won't hurt the company. Yelp can be a helpful resourceful tool for businesses to help them manage better customer reports to make their company better. Plus, consumers have every right to be protected and offer their own reviews of that product and/or service to help other consumers make an informed decision. When businesses want to be left out the judging process, one can only wonder how good the business is to feel intimidated by their own consumers point of view from their experience.

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