Do businesses owe a debt to society that they could partially repay by dumping less water pollution?

  • I agree, but how would you convince them of that?

    Society is ultimately what makes a business a success and dumping less pollutants into the water would be debt repayment for us and future generations. I think businesses should sign an "Eco-friendly" promise when they enter a community - a statement saying they will respect the environment and monitor pollution so as not to exceed set limits.

  • All businesses could contribute more to society by being more environmentally conscious.

    Now that a genuine concern for environmental awareness, businesses could do more to be environmentally friendly. Even if integrating more environmentally friendly practices leads to slightly higher prices, consumers have demonstrated that they are willing to pay them. A good example of this is the rise in consumers who now shop at supermarkets that sell only organic and GMO free foods.

  • Businesses should not dump any water pollution

    There should be no acceptable amount of pollution. This is extremely idealistic, but true. Realistically, companies will often pollute as much as they are allowed by the regulatory arm of the government. Pollution leads to profit. Businesses are motivated by profit alone. It would be nice if a business had a moral compass, but it often is not the case.

  • We all have a debt ot society

    We are part of society and we owe it to ourselves to stop polluting our water. Businesses in particular are supported by society, if they are not they will not be in business very long. They owe it their supporters to curve and or prevent dumping that results in water pollution.

  • No, I don't believe businesses own a debt to society that they could partiially repay by dumping less water pollution.

    I don't believe businesses in general own anything to society, I think any business dumping water pollution should be doing it safely and within legal constraints and those that don't should be punished with fines, I think overall if consumers refused to conduct business with businesses that actively polluted that would be more effective to get businesses to stop polluting.

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