• 100% they do

    If you'd met a cat and spent a good amount of time getting to know it, building up a relationship, you'd understand. Anyone who says otherwise regarding cats clearly did it wrong. To find out for yourself get to know a cat; don't just walk on by, avoiding eye contact, take a moment to ask them if they need any help with their shopping, assist them when crossing the road, offer to take them out for a coffee. Cats have souls and you will see.

  • Of course they do.

    It would be a undermined statement to say that they don't it would be like saying we don't have souls. We are both living and breathing creatures. Think it about this way the only thing that divides us from them is a fur coat, Long sharp talons, and whiskers, plus cone shaped ears. This is a difference but is it a big one? Why can't they have a soul? After all they love, play, and talk in their own cat ways. My question to my opponent is where is your proof they don't have souls? From your expeirnce with your cat? Don't forget your not the only one with a cat.

  • No way far to stupid

    Cats are utterly incapable of making any decision based on anything other than instinct.
    Instinct is the same as programming therefore my phone, laptop and even my washing machine would also have souls.

    I know a lot of people think cats have personality's but I also know just as many who talk to there cars.
    I think a good definition of a being with a soul would be self awareness or a least the ability to actually learn or appreciate the grandeur of the world we live in.

    Did any cat ever look at a rock and see an axe or look at the stars and wonder why they were even here.

  • Cats Do Not Have Souls, Nothing Does

    No, cats do not have souls, and neither does anything else as there is no consensus on what the word soul means, so there can be no scientific analysis of such a statement. The word "soul" is essentially meaningless, so it becomes obvious that cats, nor anything else, can have souls.

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