• Cats are clearly better than dogs

    First dogs are really hard to take care of. With kitty cat, you can train them to use litter box. With dog, you have to take on a walk every day. With cat you can be left alone. But dogs are all up in your grill.That's why i think cats are better.

  • Cats are awesome

    I love cats!! They are so loving,caring and kind. They would do absolutely ANYTHING for you. Once you earn a cats trust they will love you and care for you forever. I have a cat of my own and let me just say he will do anything beyond his wildest dreams for me. Not that I have anything against dog except.....I went to someone's house and I'm sitting and eating lunch there..Dog just comes up and BITES me and there's a pool of blood right there! I've never ever seen a dog comfort a HUMAN being! People I know try to stick up to dogs but it's pathetic because they just say..Uh dogs play and they are way more cute! First of all I don't care how my cat would look I love him no matter what. I'm just saying look at all the posts they only reason I've seen is dogs are cuter really? And they're less work.. I'd work my but off for something that cares about then do nothing to a lazy grouch that just sits there. Sorry my opinion and I do think cats are cuter and take a lot less work for instance you don't have to take them outside to go to the bathroom and you don't have to bathe them. I rest my case I could go on for hours on how cats are better than dogs but do I really need to say anything else

    not to mention they are also the biggest Internet meme

  • Cats are better pets than dogs

    Just Picture this… it’s 5:00 in the evening and you’re comfortably lounging on the sofa watching Tv or reading a comic book, when your pet wants to go to the toilet. For a dog owner this means getting up, putting your shoes on and venturing out. For a cat owner it means . . . Nothing. Your cat gets up and uses the litter tray, and you haven’t moved at all.

    In the end cats are better pets than dogs! ;)

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  • Cats are the best pets of all time

    I think cats are the best pet because they take their own baths which can save money and time. And they're independent which can save space. Also they always land on their feet which can save money and unnecessary trips to the vet. Finally, they get rid of rats for you.

  • I chose YES

    Cats are better pets than dogs because that a cat saved a 4 year old kid from a dog that was going to eat him AND cats are smarter, have better eye sight, they are not hyper and they eat mice. Cats also are smaller, lighter,cleaner, they rule the internet, better survival without food longer, less slobbery,you don't have to take them out for walks, AND they save peoples lifes

  • Cats are not better pets than dogs.

    I believe that cats do not make better pets than dogs. Cats are so moody and aloof. They only are friendly when they want something, mainly food. Dogs, on the other hand, are man's best friend. They come when called and are happy to see you. They will play with you and love you no matter how bad your day has been.

  • They Are Different

    I would not say that cats make better pets than dogs nor would I say dogs make better pets than cats. Cats and dogs are very different and both have their own set of benefits and downfalls. Cats and dogs also have very different personalities, meaning some people may prefer cats and others may prefer dogs.

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