• Yes they do!

    Just go onto Google pictures right now and type in cats. You will see many megabytes, no terabytes, no millions of terabytes of cats! They have taken over the internet! They have taken over the old couples living in Florida! They have an army of people in ratty sweatshirts! But you know what is even scarier? The cows! They own everyone with their milk. Look up photos of cows, there are so few! The cats may own the world, but it's the cows who are the manipulators from the shadows. Only the lactose intolerant people are immune! We must fight back!

  • They are the sole manipulators of this world.

    The Illuminati is BS, so are reptilians.
    Cats are the thing we must worry about. These hypocritical assholes are trying to control our lives, but we must stand up to them! We MUST revolutionize this world, or our race shall be cats' slaves until the end of time.

    We cannot allow this to keep happening this way. We must stand up for our beliefs and fight until the end.


  • Cats obviously are manipulating things behind the scenes

    A) Humans own the world
    B) Cats own humans

    Therefore, cats own the world. Come on, wake up everybody! It's not the illuminati or reptilians, it's cats. They're way too calm and relaxed. Secretly most cats use telepathic messages to control their own and make them live out their lives as slaves. We must revolt against our cat oppressors.

  • Fight the oppressors!

    Yes, because since ancient times, cats have brainwashed us into letting them into our homes, whilst they ruin the furniture of the that we gave them. The, make us buy them food just so they can defecate inside our house. We let them in so that they may be rid of control the other unwelcome pest such as rats that invade our home but what do our oppressors do? Lay around, sleeping. SLEEPING! It is time to brake our shackles that our oppressors have put on us and throw the fat cats into the streets.

  • Of course!! Cats rule

    First of all, cats and dogs are equal. I don't understand why people hate cats they are awesome! Just because they are lazy not all cats are lazy NOW SHUT UP CAT HATERS! Is it me or can't dog lovers respect opinions? Honestly im sick and tired of people hating cats

  • Cats are Superheros

    Their eyes glow in the dark, they have amazing, incredible agility, and weapons that cause extreme pain (teeth and claws)--there's no denying cats are superheros! Superheros have all sorts of battles to restore good in the world, so they are basically responsible for the world, so they own the world, and since cats are superheros, cats own the world.

  • I salute you oh almighty cats!

    There isn't a single doubt that cats are the absolute rulers of the world. They dominate our lives in every single way. Look at the internet, look at our houses, they are everywhere! They have been sacred and dominant since the ancient Egyptian times and they bred all around the world. We should accept their authority and let their holy light into our dark, mortal human lives.

  • Yah, they do

    Cats are secretly the real society in the world. Most humans just do not know it. And those that do just will not except it. When you think you have a pet cat, the cat really just has a pet you. You will do anything for your cat. It is your master. How do you know I'm not a cat? Hmmm...

  • Abso fricken lutley

    Of course cats own the world. We have succumbed to their will already by making them the kings/queens of the Internet and the internet is the key to the world basically. They can probably hack into our system of defense at this point and nuke everybody. They are probably planning it right now....

  • A cat chooses it's human

    All of my cats have either been forced upon us by family friends or strays that have decided that we are adequate for their needs. A cat owner lives solely for the cat... We feed them, tend to their every need and ensure our fluffy little friends our so well cared for.

    We must fight!!! WIN!!!!

  • This is a dogs world

    Lets be honest here dogs rule the world and cats are just along for the ride. Seriously how often do you see someone running with a cat, or playing fetch with a cat? Come on dogs are way more loyal. Search and rescue, bomb sniffing dogs, police dogs, therapy dogs. The list goes on, dogs are way better!

  • Umm no they don't ppl

    Cuz i will ALWAYS ALWAYS AND ALWAYS own the world!!!!!!!!! No I'm just kidding but i think humans own the world because we impact everything else. WE "own" cats, not the other way around. WE can decide what to do with them. And yea i don't know where I'm going with this... :P

  • Cats Own People, Not the World

    Cats own their human "masters" in that they are intelligent creatures who often get what they want as a house pet. In terms of owning the world, cats are still susceptible to the food chain and eventual decay and death when it comes to the natural order of things. Cats hate water and catch colds easily. They are great for controlling mice. However, a domestic cat wouldn't last in the wild if there are dogs or large predators.

  • Same question can be asked with dogs

    Cats don't own the world, and they never will. Yes, if you type in cats, your computer breaks, but same thing with dogs (except for grumpy cat, who deserves a category of his own). If grumpy cat hadn't gone viral, then this question might be 'do dogs own the world.' But still, no, cats don't own the world.

  • I dont think so

    Idon't think cats own the world i think that god owns the world because he created up not cats. What do you think? How would cats own the world any way? They don't do anything except sleep eat go to the bathroom and be annoying to us! I don't think cats own the world

  • Cats Will Never Own The World

    There are so many cat lovers out there, but there are so many dog lovers too. Although cats are one of the worlds most beloved animals, they do not "own the world". Sadly, people own the world. I'm not saying that the people on the other side of this debate are unintelligent. Although people who say they need cats have them and own them for themselves. That is self-indulgent. I want one!

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