• Hello hello hello

    Cows are big an derpy. Like eat potatoes and genetically modified carrots. Also their farts are like a rocket ship. Cats are dumb like watermelons. And John like tomato. Jello is a bonding element and is on the periodic table. Lol. This is a very very serious argument and I have made this even more serious, and jello is the -2 state of chicken butts.

  • Of course they do.

    Firstly, there's the common argument that cow farts contribute to global warming. That is true, though not the whole story. Cow burps tend to contribute more to global warming than cow farts. Secondly, the production of cow feed, transport and other processes involved in cattle production also contribute to global warming. The livestock industry as a whole has contributed to 30-80% of global warming depending on the study you look at. It is not deniable.

  • Althought minutely, cattle do contribute to global warming.

    Yes, methane emissions from cattle contribute to global warming. The gas emitted from the backside of cows has been shown to negatively impact the atmosphere. With a rise in greenhouse gases in the earth's atmosphere, we also see a rise in global warming and its impacts, which are typically negative effects.

  • Methane is a well-known greenhouse gas

    Insofar as "global warming" can be defined as a greenhouse effect caused by the accumulation of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, it is undeniable that cattle -- which produce an extensive amount of methane, a well-known greenhouse gas -- are contributing to the effect. A better question to ask would be "how much"? As for that question, my answer would be, not enough for us to start a crusade against the ranching industry. All living things contribute to the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Life goes on unabated, nonetheless.

  • Yes, cattle contribute to global warming.

    Yes, cattle contribute to global warming. Believe it or not on overage cows release between 70 and 120 kg of Methane per year. Methane is similar to Co2 but it's effect is more devastating on the environment. There are about 1.5 billion cattle worldwide. Cattle are apart the agriculture structure which is responsible for 18% of the total release of greenhouse gases world-wide.

  • Everybody contributes to it

    Everyone and every living thing contributes to global warming, the question is more the amount that they contribute in relation to other things. Cattle actually do cause a substantial amount do to the methane they produce in digestion, account for a significant portion of gases in the atmosphere on the planet.

  • No they don't.

    How would one come to this conclusion because they produce methane gas when they let one go. If anything they are making this world easier to live in. What is causing global warming is the fact that we are ruining this earth with chemtrails and snow that burns with no water dripping from it at all. Look it up on youtube.

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