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    Because they can get away with it. They are more important than non-celebrities. This means that celebrities should not get arrested as they're always busy. It should be illegal to arrest celebrities away. And there should be no laws too, the world would be a better place without any laws.

  • Bieber arrested for speeding

    Drugs,alcohol,speed,foul language, no license and a $2000 fine. Anyone else would be in jail for way longer than 10 hours and be facing more serious charges. Would an ordinary black man be treated the same? We have. Wen treated to too many stories of celebrities getting off lightly when ordinary citizens would be held more accountable. Need I say "Lindsay Lohan.

  • Response to jennydiaz118

    I agree that celebrities do get away with more crimes than the average person, but I do not think the public expectation of celebrities using drugs is the reason for this. The answer as to why celebrities seem to get away with crimes more cannot be explained merely by the public’s opinion. Instead, there are several contributing factors. While the typical person can serve years on probation or in jail for an offense, celebrities have a tendency of getting out of the exact same legal situations with very little consequence and their livelihood barely impacted by the event. Money, corruption in the legal system bias, and easy sentencing are some of the many factors that allow celebrities to get away with their crimes while the common man has to take responsibility for his actions and endure the consequences deemed necessary by the law.

    Whether the offender is a movie star or professional athlete, there is no doubt money talks in the legal world. Fox News often covers stories about athletes like Kobe Bryant and Ben Roethlisberger, who have been accused of sexual assault more than once. Many times we hear of settlements being reached out of court between the defendant and the accuser. The ability to pay your way out of legal action and punishment is a luxury the average person does not have. In any normal circumstance, the victim would not be paid off and the rapist could end up with eight or nine years in prison according to a sex offender attorney website. How many professional athletes do we know of that have served eight years in prison after charged with sexual assault? None come to mind. This is proof that celebrities rarely receive the appropriate sentence thus contributing to their ability to get away with crime more easily.

    The cases of the infamous divas Nicole Ritchie and Lindsay Lohan further support this claim. A Fox newscast from 2007 describes how Nicole Richie was arrested for DUI going the wrong way on a freeway. Although this could have caused severe injury or even death to herself and other drivers on the road, she was released 82 minutes later due to “over-crowding” in the jail. According to a DUI penalities website, for a first DUI offense, the average person spends the night in jail, ends up with three years of probation, up to $2000 in fines, four months of alcohol classes, and an immediate 90 day license suspension. Like Ritchie, Lindsay Lohan has been arrested numerous times for DUIs along with drug possession. Another Fox news report details how her most recent legal episodes included arrest for driving under the influence of alcohol and cocaine and reckless driving. Her sentence was one day in jail and 10 days community service. Not only is she a repeat offender that seems to get too light of sentencing to have any impact on her decisions, but many times she has failed to show up for court and has failed several drug tests. Instead of serving jail time, she is frequently given fines, even though a mere $25,000 fine for failure to appear in court is not much to a millionaire. Even though these celebrities continuously commit unlawful acts, this does not stop them from getting invited to exclusive fashion shows, parties, award shows, and roles in movies and television shows. Their lifestyles and professional careers are not impacted by their legal troubles. They continue making the same mistakes because they know the consequences will not be severe; a loyal fan of Lohan could be amongst the jury members. It could be the judge and jury bias of not wanting to convict a celebrity that aids these people in getting away with crimes.

    Having previous drug and alcohol-related charges, you would think Lohan would receive more extreme sentences that would make her want to change her lifestyle. Instead, she is invited to the Charlotte Ranson 2009 Spring Fashion Show and the 67th Annual Golden Globes just weeks after her arrests as if unaffected by her law-breaking. Her lifestyle is not impacted negatively by her arrests and charges; if anything, she gets much more press coverage because of her legal run-ins. For average felons like my friend, their crimes make it so they can barely get a job and financially support themselves. Society makes it very hard for the common man to reintegrate back into society after being charged with felony crimes; people like my friend who are determined to turn their life around struggle whereas celebrities continue to receive sports and movie contracts and at the same time continue committing crimes. After the extensive study of celebrities getting out of crimes with lenient punishments, Fox News Legal Analyst Arthur Aidala makes the conclusion that, “if you got enough money and you’re famous you can get out of just about anything”. And the worst part is he is right.

    Lindsay Lohan can pay $300,000 bail because to her that is not a great deal of money. Kobe Bryant and Ben Roethlisberger can pay women into silence and make their cases go away using settlements because they have the ability to write checks for a million dollars. Celebrities continue to commit crimes because they have no reason to believe they will be severely punished for their acts. They figure why worry when they can write a check for a large amount of money and make the entire situation disappear. It is clear money is a huge factor in celebrities getting away with crimes.

    Without any doubts, as long as you have money, fame, and power you can swindle even the United States legal system. Even though it happens that does not make it right. What does the constant press coverage of celebrities committing crimes and being released early with very little consequence say to our youth? I know that children look up to these Hollywood bad girls and all other celebrities and after seeing people like Lindsay Lohan spend 84 minutes in jail for DUIs, children realize that if you have the money and looks you can get away with anything; in fact, your image can even be helped. This is not the sort of message we should be sending. Justice should be equal in all aspects of the law, regardless of celebrity status or the amount of money in your pocket. There is a dire need for the “just” to be put back in the phrase “justice system”. There is no doubt in my mind that there are many factors that contribute to a celebrity’s ability to get away with crime (such as money, lighter sentences, and lasting impact) and not just because the public expects drugs to be commonplace in the world of celebrities.

  • Celebrities are considered better than the rest.

    Look at Lindsay Lohan, she has gotten away with so many crimes. She stole a $2,500 necklace when she could have paid for it. Then after continuing to break probation, she was under house arrest for two weeks!!!!!! If any person who isn't famous committed the crimes she did, they would be jailed for sure! This is just one out of the many examples where the famous get special treatment. In order to stop these actions, people need to act. We want equality and fairness. We don't want to be treated like we are lower than everyone else.

  • Yes They Do

    I personally think that the rich do get off easier with the law due to the fact that they won't learn their lesson due to the fact that they have a lot of money when they go to jail so as soon as they go in they are able to bail themselves out of jail like it was nothing.

  • Celebs Have Immunity

    From watching the news and from hearing about it i say that celebrities definitely get off easier from arrests or felonies. Such as Justin Bieber mooning people from the top an ancient ruin. On the news they say that he got kicked out of Mexico , but just yesterday he did it again. You don't have to take my word for it because I'm only 14, but I always watch the news and see how they get special treatment. Peace out. :)

  • Justin Bieber gets away with too much

    Drag racing under the influence of drugs, driving without a licence, possession of cocaine, smoking weed, battery, egging a neighbours house, possessing a stun gun outside the permitted area and singing. All these are crimes that Justin Bieber has committed. He only has ever been punished for two (the first two) and got 24 hours in prison. As a major role model getting away with these crimes will do no good at all. Also we are not arguing the fact that celebrities completely get away with crimes (that seems to be the oppositions only argument), we are saying they don't receive harsh enough punishments.
    get rekt

  • Lol nobody cares about us poor people

    When justin beiber gets arrested for drunk drag racing and being high at the same time, hes out so fast its insane, yet if i was caught doing that, id be in jail till my hair falls out. This world is freaking insane! Everyones like "everyone is equal! I love everyone!" yet people pull off this crap and its like hey you hypocrite, shut up! Either fight for the impossible, or accept that as human beings, no one will ever be equal to the next, we will never achieve that world peace everyones looking for, and i won't get my math homework done without a miracle from god or what ever you worship or don't worship. So suck it p and ill just take the F.

  • Celebrities get away with crime

    Celebrities often get away with crime and rather become more famous than usual as they many people think if they do it is cool, however if the crime was to be done by a normal individual they would pay a greater penalty than the celebrities who indulge in the same crime

  • Hit and run case, drink and drive case , drug , addiction etc etc ......

    Yes , celebrities do get away with more crimes because with fame and name comes responsibility ,which some people are not able to handle and need some thing . Salman khan has murdered so many people and his hit and run case is still going on in the court. It occured in2002 .He still is free and has recieved no punishment yet . Justin bieber also is full of dirty deeds . Still he can live a life and think of doing a crime again . I feel that justice is biased and that it needs to see the crime and give the punishment and not the people . Because justice should be done to all and no one should escspe . And the celebrities do get away with crime than normal peolpe.

  • Payed off

    Celebrities do not get away with more things than regular people. They always pay their bail if they do need to go to jail. Or they pay people off to get them to vote innocent. Either way it's all because of the money they get. Charlie Sheen was caught so many times and got his license taken away. He was also put under house arrest.

  • They don't get away with more crime.

    They are watched more. Celebrities are watched more and don't get away with more crime. They may not have to pay as much or get punished but they don't get away with it, the press with always know.

  • Court of Law vs. Court of society

    While the court of law might have much more legal power there is an undefined incredible amount of power the court of society has. What everyone thinks of you can make or break your reputation. Celebrities deal with harsh judgements everyday when you dont know what positon they were in. Just because there in the public eye they are not people?

  • Lol its funny

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  • They are in the public eye and get maybe worse penalties then noncelerberties

    They do not at all. We only think that because they are important, and we think that they should be treated differently. Sometimes, shoplifting can result in years worth of sentence, when it would only be fine for a normal person. They are constantly being watched, so they cant get away with more crime.

  • Cameras Watch Them

    The celebs are watched by many cameras. They are always in the spotlight so even they go to a restaurant on personal issues the media follows them, whereas commoners do many crimes but they are not followed by media or guards watching them in continue. Commoners are not caught if they supply drugs in a little area,sell guns or drive while drinking alcohol. So in conclusion i want to say that commoners get away with more crime because no one is watching them.

  • Law is same for all

    In India there are many examples like Sanjay Dutt,Subrat roy "SAHARA", these all are very famous celebrities but the judiciary has punished them for their crime whether it be a celebrity or a normal citizen laws are equal for all and must be equal for all ... Thank you all!!

  • They are targeted more often

    When a celebrity expresses his view regarding intolerance and safety of his children in country, he becomes anti-national. A comedian gets arrested for mimicking a self-styled guru. When a celebrity’s car that he was not even driving hits someone, he is a murderer instantly while a political leader of a leading party gets away easily when her car hits and kills multiple members of a family. It seems celebrities are always under the media scanner, ready to declare them convict at the first instance. In turn, celebrities do what they need to do in order to save themselves – they deploy resources and get away.

  • Sanjay dutttttttt yaaa

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I have been reading this website for a school project and it has been very helpful :) thank-you.
P.S. Linsey Lohan suck (;
Anonymous says2013-04-29T15:38:59.400
It will be interesting to see what happens to Todd Harrell from 3 Doors Down and how the justice system will handle his case. The family of the victim should not feel intimidated for seeking compensation and justice just because he is famous.
Anonymous says2013-05-14T16:51:40.163
Thanks soooo much helped a lot with my Persuasive Writing essay :)
Gremlynn101 says2016-02-09T22:33:06.673
Linsey Lohan does not suck

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