Do celebrities go to extremes to lose baby weight?

  • Yes, but they're consistently extreme

    When you see photos of celebrities looking thin and beautiful just a few months after having a baby, you've got to figure that they go to extremes to lose the baby weight. No matter how much you go to the gym, you can't get in bikini shape again that fast. But these celebrities probably go to extremes to look so beautiful in the first place, so what else is new? At least they're consistent.

  • Yes, there is a lot of pressures on celebrities to be thin, causing them to do anything to get back to that ideal weight.

    Celebrities are scrutinized about their appearance on a global scale. As seen in the case of Kim Kardashian, gossip magazines can be brutal in their bullying of pregnant celebrities. This tremendous pressure to look good makes some celebrities lose sight of being healthy and slip into unhealthy extremes to lose weight. Many have spoken out about grueling workout schedules and very limited diets. These are not healthy for anyone, let alone new moms.

  • Paid To Look Good

    I believe some celebrities go to the extreme when trying to lose baby weight. However, being a celebrity and a person in the media, you are paid to look good. That is one of the basic tenants of being celebrity. I think these women are put in a bad position, but it's their choosing.

  • It's possible to lose baby weight quickly and healthily.

    Yes, celebrities have paid help and additional support, but losing weight can, and should be within the average mother's abilities and agenda as well, albeit a slower more attainable process. Celebs don't have insane amounts of time off, they do many interviews, release media, and have busy schedules as well. Image is of course critical for their careers, but they're not entirely super human.

  • They are disciplined.

    No, celebrities do not go to extremes to lose baby weight, because they have a routine of diet and exercise. Celebrities have the luxury of working with the best nutritionists and personal trainers. They also often lack full-time jobs. This helps them lose weight at a pace that is faster than the rest of us.

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