Do celebrities like musicians and actors like the attention they receive?

  • They Live For Attention.

    An actor wouldn't have chosen his particular career unless he wanted to be seen. The majority of actors are show-boaters by nature. Musicians, on the other hand, may or may not crave attention. I have a feeling that a really good musician could enjoy playing with or without an audience.

  • Yes, some do.

    I believe there are more celebrities who like the attention than there are those who do not. Many of them will do something extreme or radical just to get more attention, or to entertain their fan base. However, I do believe there are some who do not like the attention they get, they just like doing what they love.

  • Yes, they Ask for the Attention.

    As previously stated, celebrities generally get the amount of attention they ask for, based upon what they are doing with their lives. Many of them seem to like being involved in controversies which the media love to cover. If they did not want as much attention, they could easily not be involved in conflicts.

  • Yes, of course they do.

    Most celebrities bring the attention upon themselves because they want it. If they didn't want attention, they wouldn't be cheating on their spouses or saying inappropriate things about other people. They could avoid a lot of attention if they were more low key about things. Therefore, they obviously like the attention they are getting.

  • Some may but many do not.

    No one really likes their privacy to be invaded. Many celebrities do not like the attention they receive but unfortunately it is what they signed up for when they became celebrities. Everyone knows the attention celebrities receive so none of them can really be surprised when it happens to them. They may not like it but unfortunately, they do not have a say in the matter. Their best option is to do something productive with the attention and help people by raising awareness on matters that mean something to them.

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