Do celebrities make more money than they deserve?

  • Celebrities make too much money than they deserve

    They really work hard for each film . That does not mean that they have to be paid in crores. A few lacs is ok but a 45-50 crores is too much.It is more than they need for being comfortable. This money could be used for paying those people below the poverty line .

  • Yes, celebrities make much more than they need to live comfortably.

    There are many poor people in the world barely hanging on to life. Meanwhile, there are celebrities living in opulence and needless luxury. The old adage that money does not buy happiness still applies here. Even having so much wealth, there are still some celebrities who are not happy, or who have even taken their own lives. If all that wealth is really not needed for their happiness, the money would be better used to help close the gap between the rich and poor.

  • Not More Than They Deserve

    No celebrities do not make more than they deserve. The reason is if they are making the money then there is someone willing to pay them. I do think celebrities make more money then they should make but as long as there is somoene willing to pay them then it is not their fault for accepting the money.

  • Celebrities earn the money the deserve

    They earn a lot because they worked their way to the top and play a big part of society. They entertain us and they also started out small. They are also good role models. So yeah this is my opinion and i think that they deserve to earn this much. DEAL WITH IT

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