• Many times they are.

    If celebrities think that they are above the law, it's often because it's true. Celebrities know that they can sometimes literally get away with murder, as in the case of OJ Simpson. Celebrities know that if there are consequences, they can mitigate those consequences because they have enough money to pay their lawyers.

  • Yes , I think so.

    Many celebrities are narcissists and they believe they are above and better than us “regular people.” I get so tired of hearing people say, “Oh, so and so [Insert Celebrity Name] is down to earth, he/she is a regular person just like you and I.” It’s most likely that the narcissistic celebrity is a product of our making. People worship celebrities and call themselves “regular people” when compared to them.

  • Yes, some celebrities do believe that they are above the law

    Yes, some celebrities do believe that they are above the law. many celebrities believe that they can do anything because they are famous and have money. Most people value themselves as much as celebrities but celebrities often fail to understand thing. This can lead to a situation in which someone gets hurt.

  • Some of them do

    As a side effect of celebrity worship, there are sadly some of them who believe that they are above the law and better than those who look up to them. However, this should never be the case, and examples should be made of those who think they can get away with anything.

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