• Fuck to the yes

    Cell phones create radiation. How? Well because you know to be able to call and text you need the cell phone tower. So when you cell phone needs data it brings radiation to you from the cell phone tower. It can damage your brain and the way you think which is very bad.

  • Phones cause damage to our health!

    In fact, phones do cause damage to our health. They can cause use to have a bit of damage to our eyes by being expose by it's light. But also it can hurt our neck (it depends on how our neck is positioned when using the device). This is some reason how phones cause damage to our health.

  • Cell phones present various dangers

    They do emit some radiation which can cause health hazards. There is also the danger of texting and talking while driving. The danger of texting and talking while driving is more on the person doing it than the cell phone, but as long as there are cell phones that danger is there.

  • Cell phones present danger.

    Cell phones are not fully understood and they can pose a number of threats to people's health. Cell phones are suspected to lead to brain cancer because of high intensity microwaves radiating from receivers near a user's head. Using cell phones while driving can also lead to major traffic accidents.

  • Cell phones do present some danger.

    Cell phones do present some danger. People can use cell phones o do many good things, like communicate with loved ones from great distances. However, if they are used in improper situations, they can lead to dangerous outcomes for people. Texting and driving is a prime example of how cell phones can present danger.

  • It is not dangerous

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  • Not physical danger

    The old fear that cell phones cause brain cancer or any other type of illness has never been substantiated by science, and there is no reason to think the phones would physically hurt people. The phones can, however, lead to danger, if they're used inappropriately during driving or even walking.

  • Cell phones themselves are not a danger.

    The title in question is worded specifically that it can be concluded to exclude any relationship between the cell phone and the end user. Whilst there is a minority concern over radiation emitted (VERY small amounts) from mobile phones, it is generally accepted by scientists and the law that they present NO danger to the human from microwave radiation and therefore should not be treated as until there is some actual proof instead of myths and whispers. There is one unusual case, where in France a telecommunications company was legally ordered to take down a telephone mast from the roof of some flats, (one of the very small examples, maybe even the only one) but that does not relate to cell phones directly.

  • Cell phones do not present any danger.

    Cell phones do not present any danger. However, this all depends on how you are using the cell phone. If you are texting or calling while you are trying to drive then you are putting yourself and other vehicles in danger. Many teens feel the need to sleep near their phone which causes other issues such as addiction and a need to feel reachable at every moment causing sleep problems.

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