• Censorship in art is very important and these two do mix.

    Art is a broad subject. Art can be a painting or a song. What matters most is what is in the art and what it means. Some art can be very dark and twisted, and only meant for mature audiences. When art is accessible by means of radio or the Internet I do feel that censorship is necessary where the unintended audience may stumble upon the uncensored work.

  • They do not mix

    Censorship and the arts do not mix in any way form or fashion. The artists would have a big problem if the government tries to censor their works of art that they put so much thought and time into. If censorship does occur, this stifles freedom and will prevent more art.

  • No, they do not, at least on a legal level.

    Arts have been very important in Presenting ideas to society, and uniting people with common ideas. The government, or any powerful body, should not be allowed to stifle such ideas and information, and the art that encompasses them. On the subject of children being exposed to offensive material, it really should be up to the guardians to hide and slowly introduce these things.

  • Censorship and the arts do not mix.

    Censorship and the arts do not mix. Not very well most of the time when they try to censor the works of the artists. I think the arts should be a free market where censorship is not allowed. I think most people know what is appropriate and what is not at these events.

  • No They Don't

    I do not believe censorship and the arts mix. Art would be the most dangerous arena to introduce censorship to because artists are often creative enough to combat censorship, usually in ways the censoring authority would not appreciate. Art is the anti-thesis of censorship they don't belong together and they can't operate together.

  • The arts should never be censored

    The purpose of art in society is to propose difficult ideas and challenge accepted wisdom. This process should never be subjected to censorship, which would limit the range of ideas that the arts are allowed to explore. This is highly dangerous and should not be allowed in a free society.

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