• Yes, I think CEO's of major companies earn their salaries.

    The CEO of the company is in charge of providing maximum value for the shareholders as they preside over a multi billion dollar company, the decisions the CEO make are massive decisions that shift huge amounts of money, I think a CEO's high pay is well justified considering the job.

  • CEOs of major companies earn their salaries

    It is my opinion that the CEOs of major companies do earn their salaries. I feel that their high salaries are justified by the large amount of stress, and the difficulty that comes with being the top executive of a major company. Being a CEO of a major company is not an easy task, and warrants a large reward for the difficulty that is inherent in the position.

  • A lot of pressure.

    Yes, CEOs of major companies actually earn their salaries, because they have to deal with a great deal of stress. The salaries of so many employees rest on their shoulders. If they lose profits, investors will suffer and they will lose their jobs. With all that stress, they should earn a high income.

  • Not as much as they make.

    No CEO actually puts in as much work as makes any reasonable sense to say that they worked "hard enough" for the amount of money that they make. A person could work just as hard or harder for an amount that is a tiny fraction of the amount that a CEO makes. I am not saying that CEO's don't do a job and put in hours, but they are paid an unreasonably high sum for the effort they put in.

  • Most do not.

    The only thing a CEO really does is delegate tasks. If you are able to tell experts to do certain things and make sure they are doing their jobs well, you can be a CEO. I personally know a CEO of a huge restaurant chain, and he spends most of his days relaxing.

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