• Yes they do.

    Cesar Chavez quotes provide a viable life philosophy for people. I think that some quotes are really great and have multiple meanings with them because they do not flat out tell a person what to do but more like speculate on what should be done in certain situations and how to handle them.

  • Chavez provides wise words in solidarity

    One of the greatest challenges facing man, throughout the entire history of the human race, has been that of accepting his neighbor as his brother. There were few who knew that better than Cesar Chavez, and his words on the necessity of love, peace, and acceptance strike a powerful chord with those who seek but do not see a common decency in the world.

  • Cesar Chavez Was a Great Leader

    Cesar Chavez is someone we can all learn from and look up to. Quotes by Chavez are inspiration and can teach life lessons to us now in modern day. The overarching message is one that believes in humanity and people's rights. This is a philosophy we should all emulate in our lives today.

  • Cesar Chavez Sparked Immigration Reform

    Cesar Chavez's life and quotes sparked the contemporary immigration reform movement in the United States. He spoke out in favor of more rights for migrant workers in America. Chavez spoke about how Hispanics have advanced America's standing as a melting pot nation going back to its roots in the American Revolution. That spirit continues to live on as Hispanic voters continue to be a powerful voting bloc in American politics.

  • One source does not make a good philosophy.

    Ones life philosophy is something that needs to be explored and expanded through many sources. While Cesar Chavez quotes might be a good start to a life philosophy, they most definitely should not be ones entire philosophy. Branch out and look into ethics as well as all the other forms of philosophy to have a well-rounded way to live.

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