• Kids are simply much better behaved.

    We have to look beyond the new headlines of "KIDS BEING VIOLENT". Real evidence proves that juvenile arrests and drugs and alcohol rates have been decreasing since the 80's. This is because of kids pre-occupation with technology and how they don't hang around with out teens any, which in its case, stops crime and gangs.
    Evidence :

  • Evidence proves that Kids today are much more better behaved.

    If you think about it, children today spend countless of hours online at home doing nothing and no harm. Back in the 80's, you went out with your friends and hung out on the streets and probably some got involved in crime and alcohol. Yes kids today are more narcissistic and unkind, but it beats the crime and drugs that previously battled youth in the 80's and before.
    Here is evidence to support my statement:

  • They are spoiled with technology

    Yes, children have it better today than some years ago. It was generally uncommon for a child to have their own television, phone and other amenities in their room. They were happy if they even had a television within the house somewhere. Children have their own credit cards and drive cars to school, all of this was non-existent in latter years. Granted I think children were happier in the past.

  • Yes, children behave better today with the help of technology

    Yes, children behave better than they did in previous generations. Nationwide programs to stop bullying in schools is only a recent development. With today's technology such as GPS, parents can check and make sure children are where they say they are. This type of technology doesn't allow children to get themselves into situations where they can get into trouble. This type of transparency helps children today stay on the right path in regards to behavior.

  • Kid says no

    I am a 12 year old kid and I think that kids are not well behaved. Kids I know swear a lot and they do stupid thing thinking they are funny. A lot of them have phones and some people got them when they were in 3rd grade. They are pampered and can be ignorant but I am not saying they are all bad kids these days that I know are pretty nice. Once in a while you will get a bully but the majority of people are nice kids.

  • They have gotten better

    Most children have gotten better and the teens out there still doing drugs and drinking alcohol are because of there parents not being there for them. Most of the time thats why they do it cause they only get attention from there parents when they do bad thing so they run off and do them. Also they see old people like adults doing and everyone tells them to act like an adult so what they see an adult do it what they think is right

  • They're worse than ever.

    No, children today are not behaving better than they did years ago. Look up how kids act, especially in any major city. If there are parents around paying even nominal attention, they're the exception, not the norm. Kids are getting involved in violent and illegal behavior in record numbers these days.

  • Children behavaior now compared to years ago

    I think that the children behave alot worse then they did back then because back then children had respect for their elders and did not harm people. I think alot of parents were to young to care what happened they just let their kids do what they wanted without consequences

  • No, children do not behave better today than years ago.

    I definitely think kids these days behave a lot worse than they did years ago. With the inventions of such things as the internet and smartphones, I think kids have been more spoiled than ever. Their lack of respect and ability to behave in public comes from less social interaction and parental guidance.

  • Absurdly worsened behavior.

    I have been teaching for 20 years, and the let-kids-be-kids attitude has justified a complete lack of parenting for an entire generation. They already know how to be kids, they need guidance from their parents and teachers to learn how to be productive citizens. Lazy parents beget self indulgent leaches on society, so yes, kids are much worse.

  • Kid says no

    I think that kids behave worse now because of how they get punished and treated. In the past years there has been discipline techniques that have been banned now. I do think that kids are preoccupied by technology however, with that technology they can do things, they could never do. For example, online bulling, hacking ect. I think because of the lack of care people are putting into their behave, they think they can keep getting away with it. The kids themselves don't care about they act because they will probably just get grounded or sent to detention, not getting slapped, hit by a ruler or smacking. I think that technology can also be a reason of behaver, people can be so caught up in what is going on online, they dont see what is happening in the real world like they used to when they did have any phones or laptops.

  • Doesn't look like it to me

    An unfortunate consequence of wealthy, advanced societies is that kids get too much of the wrong kind of attention, and want for nothing growing up. They grow up feeling strongly entitled. Are there more or fewer kids on college campuses shouting about getting free stuff from the rest of us, and complaining about being offended and needing a safe space because they don't like the outcome of the democratic process? Seems like more in the U.S. I can't speak for other countries.

  • They have gotten worse

    They have been provoked by technology and the ignorance of their parents when they don't have any sense of discipline. And it hurts me to see kids cussing and hitting at their parents and them not do a single thing about it. It makes me sick to know that Kids do that. If i ever cursed at my parents i would have everything taken away from me and i would have my mouth washed out with soap. These parents need to learn how to discipline their kids.

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  • Kid says no

    I'm a 14 year old kid and i think that todays generation is a lot worse than it was in the past, people are saying that because of phones kids are staying out of trouble because the kids are occupied but in reality kids are cyber bulling with all of the new technology , and it's becoming a big deal.

  • They are worse.

    Simply seeing the 6 year age difference between my brother and I, I can say that children today act worse than before. If I used to think kids my age were disrespectful, when I see the kids my brother grow around with I'm truly devastated by the lack of respect and responsibility

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