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Boarding schools are beneficial!

  Yes! People have a stereotypical saying that kids who go to boarding schools don't see their parents and are disciplined with beatings and yelled at, but this isn't military school. This is boarding school and teachers are very laid back and relaxed. They don't beat you and children see their parents probably every break they have and on weekends. Christmas is two to three weeks, Thanksgiving is one week, spring break is about three weeks. As well in winter and every four weeks, the students have a four-day break. Kids there aren't snobby rich kids. Many are on scholarships and children there are very accepting. Students are also getting a first-class education and most are accepted into Ivy League colleges, whereas public school kids have a lesser chance. So don't jump to conclusions about how horrible boarding schools are. They aren't bad and I know from first hand experience. Check out the Andover Song on YouTube; this will definitely change your mind about boarding school.
Anonymous says2013-04-15T04:32:23.977
Don't know what your experience is of Boarding School existence, but you clearly have no idea about some more than others.
Anonymous says2013-04-22T02:55:24.987
Not everyone is born to be rich in this world. So the "poor" people send there kids to public schools.
Anonymous says2013-06-11T16:39:35.933
You, yourself said that many kids are on scholarship in boarding schools, but the bulk would be rich as the fees for boarding schools is quite high. This creates a divide between the kids on scholarship and the others. I think its wrong for you to jump to conclusions by saying kids in public schools have a lesser chance of getting into Ivy league colleges.
Anonymous says2013-06-21T04:21:44.620
You don't understand. Boarding school is for parents who do not know how to securely handle their children. It takes away from their teenage years and family time. Its not beneficial at all. I am being forced to go there for the first time this year. And im devistated even when they have so many ammenities. Especially for certain schools where its meant for adhd kids or for kids who dont have any friends. Unsocial situations would turn into a night mare.
Anonymous says2013-07-04T17:07:19.247
Please anon, just stop talking. Obviously you don't realize that this is the 21 century and now kids who aren't rich are attending boarding school more than ever. These rich kids aren't mean and bratty; they are educated people who look beyond money. So please, if you have never been to a boarding school, you can just shut up because you obviously don't know what it is like. Parents don't send their kids away because they don't like them and can't handle them. Parents end them away because they want their kids to succeed in life. All people who have gone to boarding school go to top notch colleges and are very successful. The environment is very welcoming and kids make friends very quickly. Everyone there is so nice and accepting. Kids see parents almost all the time on breaks and weekends. And if you think kids don't fully live their teenage life, you are wrong because they DO. So, honestly if you don't have the experience to back it up, then you shouldn't be talking at all.
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