Do children have a right to free breakfast and lunch at public schools?

  • Many reasons why.

    Parents under this program cannot afford enough money to provide decent meals. It is easy to say it is the parental responsibility but the parents have to pay and they often cannot do that and keep a roof over their kids heads at the same time. Many parents have to work in order to make ends meet. And if you are on minimum wage, that is even worse.

    Truthfully I would rather invest tax dollars to help contribute to these kids good health. And food is vital to that. A hungry child also cannot concentrate well in school. Thus it affects their learning and ability to get a better education. Which affects their ability as future adults to be able to get better paying jobs to sustain themselves financially. Thus they end up in poverty like their parents. And end up being a burden to the system.

    It may be convenient to deny school lunches now but long term these children are your country's future and in the end you are destroying the future of your country.

  • Yes. Not everyone has money

    Kids in public school might have no money or poor parents. These kids want to live a decent life and want to grow up to become something. Kids go to school hungry and cannot focus. This is bad. They are our future. We should care for them so they can return back to us in the future. Tax payers should stop complaining, it doesn't need to be expensive just like a sandwich. It's amazing how we care about kids In other countries no problem, but ours, we complain about how it's shouldn't be our responsiblilty

  • Parental Responsibility NOT Taxpayers

    You choose to have a child then you want taxpayers to pay to feed it? No! Abolish ALL school meal programs and let parents break out the peanut butter and jam to make little Suzi a lunch. I do not have children therefore I refuse to pay to feed yours.

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