• Children do stress

    Yes children do stress as I know from experience from being a child. They have to make new friends and sustain them when moving to a new place, and dealing with divorce as I should know... My point is kids have a lot more to be anxious about than parents

  • Children have struggles on friends

    Children are stressed by so many things like bullies and friends not liking each other, take the other day for example my 11 year old daughter comes home from school and starts crying because of how stressed she is from her best friends hating each other and how she doesn't want to pick sides.

  • Yes they do

    From experience, being a child is not " the best years of their life". Many children have to deal with bullies, grades, pressure on success , shouting parents, and occasionally sadly, hiting parents. While an adult may have many concerns in thier life , most do not relise how rough and chaotic being a child is, as many of the bad things that happen to them daily are considered fine for them, but illegal to be practised on adults

  • Children do not have more stress than parents.

    Although it can be hard to be a child today, children do not have as much stress and responsibilities as their parents. Parents are responsible for their jobs and the finances of a household. They are also responsible for the safety and welfare of their children. Their kids only have to worry about school.

  • Children have nowhere near as much stress as their parents.

    Children have nowhere near as much stress as their
    parents. Children are still enjoying
    what will possibly be the best years of their lives. Children often don’t have to work, and
    usually don’t have many responsibilities.
    The most a child has to deal with is a little simple schoolwork and a
    few household chores.

  • Children just have to worry about choosing the right path

    I don't that the childrens have more stress than the parents because they don't have to worry about paying bills or raising up their children and maintaining balance in their daily life. Children on the other hands just have to worry about their education and friends. Parents have way much more stress then children simply because they have more responsibility.

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