Do children of illegal immigrants have a right to education?

  • Everyone needs an education

    America is made out of immigrants. People from Europe and other continents had to migrate or else no one might be here now. So no one can be denied the chance to to get an education. No one is left out behind. Our country needs immigrants to help. Thank you

  • Yes they should

    What if your parent did something illegall and you couldnt get an education because of it. I dont know how you would feel but i would feel horrible not getting an education. Most americans children say that they dont like school. If they show effort than they will be perfectly fine.

  • They should be allowed to attend school

    No child, not even the child of an illegal immigrant should be denied the opportunity to receive public education. However, their parents should be required to go through the proper avenues to become legal. They should be given a deadline, if the process is not completed by the deadline then the child and their parent should be sent back to their country.

  • YES they deserve education

    While I think that this is a complicated answer since they are illegal immigrants. Mainly because they are not supporting our economy nor do they help fund the education system. Rather they deserve education because they are human. As far as the US goes, we believe that ALL men are created equal, which means that we should treat them equally and do our best to provide them with an equal opportunity. Rather than try to punish them for being illegal (afterall, it isn't their fault and not educating them does not actually help or solve the issue), but rather educate them then provide them with a path to legalization (after all, the problem in most people's mind is that they are not legal).

  • Yes

    It isn't their fault they're here illegally. If children of illegal immigrants are willing to put in the time and effort to benefit from education then they should be given the ability to do so. It isn't fair to punish them for decisions that were made by their parents without consent.

  • America Needs to Support Immigration

    Were we to deny an education to children of illegal immigrants than our nation would become filled with an even greater supply of illiterate unskilled workers than we have today. America is a country largely built on the backs of immigrants. Children should not be punished for the mistakes of their parents.

  • Children of illegal immigrants have a right to education.

    Illegal or not, anyone deserves an education. Without an education, they could not function in the world, they would die unless someone cared for them. What is funny is that those illegal children are more likely to do better and work harder in schools than "legal children." I think they should be given a chance to try and succeed. Humans are humans, they should not be labeled.

  • Illegal is Illegal. End of Story

    If you are here illegally, that means you shouldn't be here. It means, you broke a LAW. If you break a law why should you get the right to an education, or anything for that matter? From a young age you know right from wrong, and if taught properly, WRONG is breaking a law, doing something ILLEGAL. If you are here against the law you need to be shipped back to where you came from, as you are illegal.

  • Absolutely not, but if they are American Yes.

    If they are illegal they need to go back and not get any of the privileges of Americans. Although I do not support the 14th amendment and how it was ratified; this country needs to take care of anchor babies. The mother however should be deported and not granted any medical care that surpasses EMTALA.

  • Illegal is illegal.

    If your parents came here illegally they are most likely not paying the taxes for the education. School is not free. We the people pay for it. There are many channels to become a legal citizen; if their parents choose not to do it the right way, they are a drain on the system and do not deserve to use the system that is rightfully paid for by others. It is simply not fair. We, as a country, do not owe anything to anyone who chooses to do something illegal.

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