• I definitely do

    When I'm outside, I do play pretend. However, some would argue that it is not. Especially because I play pretend based off of video games and movies.

    This is filler because I do not have enough words to fill the 50 word limit. I like pie. Bush did 9/11 .

  • Mine did tonight at the park.

    We were at a city park with a playground, and she had me strapped in to her spaceship and made sure I was wearing magic space shoes before she would even count down for the launch. Last time it was a castle, and although I was busy with her brother, she involved several of the other kids in her game of make-believe.

  • Yes, but it has to be fostered.

    Children definitely still have the ability to play pretend, but it has to be fostered. If they are given a lot of toys that do all of the thinking for them, such as video games and other electronics, they no longer have to pretend as much. It's better to give them interactive toys and crafts that encourage and nurture creativity and thinking.

  • Children do still play pretend.

    Children do still play pretend. Its a little harder on children now because they have all the electronic age equipment such as the Internet to play on. When I grew up we were not as lucky to have all the gadgets that they do now. I think that children still get outside and play though.

  • My children do.

    Yes, children still play pretend, because I see them playing pretend all of the time. My son loves Legos. He can come up with an entire scenario of make believe just based on a couple of little Lego toys. I have seen the same thing for a couple of plastic snakes that he won at a play place.

  • Yes They Do

    I believe children do still play pretend, but many children have found a platform for their pretend play, it's called video games. Many other students play pretend in the traditional formats as well. The only major difference I see between children of this era and that of mine, is the fact that they don't go outside as much.

  • Nandan D Thacker

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