• Yes hi there

    I think that we don’t get enough sleep and we need to let them have more holiday time so they have more time to sleep because if they are tired they will go to school and won’t do there best work that they can do. Thank you and I need more sleep.

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  • Yes they Do

    Children typically need between 10 and 12 hours of sleep per night to feel completely refreshed and to be at their maximum potential in the morning. In my experience, most children do get that amount of sleep most nights of the week. Accordingly, most children today do get enough nightly rest.

  • No, as a whole, children today do not get enough sleep.

    Children today are so obsessed with electronics. They stay up late to play their video games, Facebook chat, text, etc. which means there is less time for sleep. Unfortunately, there is less focus on the family unit and many children are left essentially taking care of themselves. Since they are children, they do not realize the need for more sleep and are enticed by other activities.

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  • Kids Don't Get Enough Sleep:

    Maybe it is because of technology, stress, caffine, or too much homework, but most kids don't get enough sleep. Normally, teens get about 5-7 hours of sleep. And middle schoolers get about 7-8 hours of sleep. From experience, I know that its probably not because of one reason or the other, but a ix of multiple reasons. I am not saying that we need to get rid of homework or technology, but there are so many distractors that we often put sleep in the back seat.

  • Most children do not get enough sleep

    Some children get enough sleep but as my title says most do not. The some that do are not enough to persuade me to vote yes. I being a child myself get enough sleep on most days but the people in my class are struggling to stay awake that does not mean that all children get enough sleep around the world but in my class even school I can't fail to notice the amount of tired kids who don't get enough sleep.

  • Children do not get enough sleep these days.

    I've witnessed too many youths these days, struggling to stay awake and thereby forcing the elimination of sleep. Their reasoning is not always for a good cause. They have become so addicted to their video games and such that they just don't want to give them up for a good night's rest.

  • They are too distracted

    Children today don't get enough sleep because they are too distracted by their electronics. They stay up watching television and playing game consoles or on the computer, and doing these things before bed makes it even harder to fall asleep, so by the time they are ready for bed they will have more trouble and take longer to actually fall asleep.

  • Today's children certain do not get enough sleep.

    I have two children and despite my best efforts, neither gets the appropriate amount of sleep. This is an ongoing thing that started as early as elementary school.

    In elementary school, the bus came at 7 a.m. To make sure my kids ate breakfast, I had to have them out of bed by 6 a.m., so that there was time to wash faces, get dressed, shower if they wanted, eat a meal, pack lunch, brush hair and teeth, and then get snow gear on in the winter. School runs until 3pm here and the bus ride was 45 minutes. 20 minutes of reading was mandatory in all grade levels, plus I had to have time to get dinner ready after work, get them into a bath if they didn't shower in the morning, and any other homework received from their teacher.

    Middle school was worse. Same school ending and start (bus pick up) times, but extracurricular sports and practices often went until 9 p.m.

    High school starts at 7 a.m. and there is no bus, so I drive my kids to school now and to be on time for early morning meeting, we leave the house at 6:15, so they have to get up at 4:30 for my daughter who has hair and makeup to deal with and 5:15 for my son. School ends at 3pm and extracurricular activities go until 4:30 for meetings and practices and upwards of 10pm for games and matches. Add in time for a meal after late matches and homework time, and kids rarely go to bed until midnight and then have four or five hours of sleep, if they fall asleep straight away.

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