• Children are the future, our opinions matter too!!

    There are thousands of kids expressing their opinions, and protesting, changing the world. Without kids opinions wouldn't matter near as much as they do with us. Adults always say that we need to stop expressing our opinions and tell us who to be, but if we didn't follow our hearts and what we wanted to do, and ignore the ignorant adults who tell us not to, there would be no human society. Because children express who they are, and do what they want there are doctors, lawyers, singers, and so much more, so in my opinion our opinions do matter!!!!

  • They can matter

    Are you referring to the students of Stoneman Douglas High School? If so, my answer to the question is yes. These teenagers saw their classmates gunned down in front of them, that's a trauma they will carry for the rest of their lives. And it's not just Stoneman Douglas High, but Sandy Hook students, too and everybody else who survived a mass shooting. After the massacre, 100 students from Stoneman Douglas High traveled 400 miles to the state capitol to demand change. You have to give them credit.

  • Depends on situation, but overall yes

    What do you think debate clubs are for? We don't always value children's opinions because they "don't know anything on the subject" or are "too young" to do research. But put a child in a situation where they are passionate and informed on, they can have some extremely insightful and intelligent arguments.

    Here are some examples:

    As I mentioned already Debate clubs. The topic of discussion has kids research it and therefore their opinion is valuable. Say the topic was "THS (this house supports) Slum tourism" The first thing a child in this club would do is find as much research on both sides of the motion. They then share and exchange information and ideas with their peers to further expand their knowledge on the subject matter. Then the youth write a speech on both sides of the issue while working with their partner. This kids are now extensively educated on the given subject matter (slum tourism) and should have their opinions valued.

    Example 2: Protests and similar situations

    Hear of the school walk-outs? I'm not trying to start another debate here on gun rights but these kids had the ability to think for themselves and organize a protest to help save their lives and make sure -in certain situations- their future generations and more of their friends weren't killed in school shootings. There were some very intelligent points made that I think are valid and defiantly matter. One student held up a sign saying "I can't go to the corner store and buy a kinder surprise egg because they are 'too dangerous' yet guns are perfectly fine." or something along those lines.

    Now there are certain subjects that some children may not be well suited to form a prepared, informed, opinion on them but as a whole I agree with the motion of "Do children's opinions matter?"

  • Kids opinions matter because everyday kids do something great

    Kids do great things everyday like they make books,inventions,some make businesses and so much more so i say kids opinions matter and I hope any kids reading this will do something to show people that you matter and go into the world to do something that will make people realize.

    Posted by: bank
  • Do you have to be 18+, just to be seen as a person?

    I have been excited to go do certain things, but my dreams get crushed, when I realize any indication that it's, "18 and older only". I mean seriously. Are minors property to you, society? It is rather ageist to give adults more rights and freedom than kids. Although there are ageist rules for a child's good [e.G., 21+ to drink, and 16+ to drive], other rules are plain unfair, and not needed, such as being 18+ to vote. Why can't kids help make a difference? Let them vote! Voting is the only effective way to vote, as a letter could be sent back, a phone call can be declined, and a protest can be often violently shut down. Just let kids have the same freedom of expression and voting as adults do-If kids are not property to the society, then LET THEIR VOICE BE HEARD, AND GIVE THEM RIGHTS!

  • Opinions Matter People!

    Imagine this as, "Do Adults Opinions Matter." You know every adult would be over on this side saying yes, we have so much more experience than kids, kids are idiots. Frankly all of you who say us kids are idiots is an awful thing to say. Not every adult got a great education. Not every kid has gotten a great education. But if you think about it kids have crazy imaginations, but their crazy imaginations can lead to incredible inventions/ideas. So can adults, we are all human, every human has an opinion and it may be that you don't think everyone has an opinion! Saying kids are uneducated, I'd like to correct you there. I ask my parents stuff that I learn in school a lot and they don't have a clue what I am talking about. I know for a fact they got a great education and are quite intelligent in my mind. Things have changed and so has society, we can't do anything about it, just accept the fact that everyone has an opinion. I can't get over the fact that adults think they are so much better than us kids. So please re think about what you are commenting on before you post. Thanks! (Coming from a kid)

  • Kids can correct adults!!!

    You have to admit, sometimes kids can even correct you. It's not like that they can't correct adults. Children think about themselves, say they want candy or something, they can support it. So can adults. Children eventually turn into adults, it's not like they can start to be like one at this age.

  • Yes, but they should be taken with a pinch of salt.

    Kids are still people, and should still be listened to. I'm kind of on the fence for this one, though, as kids can be easily manipulated. Kids, you can mould. You can influence their thoughts and opinions very easily. Not only that, but children are very inexperienced with the world around them, and do not know much.
    Their opinions should matter more as they grow, but even young children should be listened to and taken into account, as long as the listener understands that they may have been manipulated by others' opinions.

  • At least as much as the next ignorant adult

    How much do any of us know about anything and yet we all have a say. All perspectives should be considered. When I hear hard working blue collared simpletons who are incapable, or unwilling to consider the self destructive future consequences their careers have on the ecosystem, I still pause and listen because their concerns still matter. Even if people just want to say that something will hurt them, or make them uncomfortable others should listen. A good parent understands the importance of a child being comfortable to talk them. We want to reinforce constructive and civil communication by listening and being sensitive to their opinions. They aren't just children they are our children all of ours.

  • Most of the time yes,

    I feel like a lot of people on the yes side are children but they are right, children's opinions matter. Children are a complete different age and have a different perspective form adults, they look at things differently. They experience different things and have first hand experience on many topics adults do not.
    I see some opinions saying that adults should have the opinions and not children because adults were children once and have that experience too. While yes they were children once too, that can only apply to a limited number of things. Children live in a more advanced world with more technology and opportunities. The world they live in is very different from the world their parents lived in, and the world their parent's parents lived in.
    Children may not have the smartest opinions but its often important to hear them out because many live in a world that is very different from anybody else's and it still continues to change.

  • Politically, not really.

    Funny thing is, kids tend to forget that the adults were once their exact age but now have more experience. As any adult who has been on this site long enough can attest, kids tend to have so foolish ideas like having both shorter school days and longer summer breaks will somehow make grades improve, or making laws against guns keeps the guns out of the hands of people who don't obey the law anyway. With today's entitled generation, it gets even worse as they expect the government to provide everything but forgetting that money for those things comes out of taxes. Sure they don't take taxes into consideration because many/most of them have yet to pay taxes. The reality is, kids, by comparison, are idiots and that is why they are not allowed to have their vote counted.

  • Children are stupid

    I may be a bit to provocative in my headline my position is we need to disregard the identity of the mouthpiece and focus on the argument. And as I said kids are stupid. If a child can research and articulate a quality argument good for him (or her) but that's a small minority.

  • Not in the way that people s to think

    Kids' opinions are ill informed, uneducated, and generally 'right' for the wrong reasons if they are right at all. They sometimes have good ideas, don't get me wrong, but their opinions are worth a lot less than anyone else's, generally, simply due to the fact that they are uneducated, undeveloped, and overall pretty irresponsible.

  • Children can so very easily be manipulated. What you hear as their opinion is probably not their own.

    Don't get me wrong here: children are very smart. Children are smarter than most adults think. The problem with many kids are the adults that influence their lives. Children's minds are so open that they are prone to accepting anything an adult teaches them as truth. When talking politically, most kids don't even know what they are arguing for. Their "opinions" are usually just words that an adult put into their head. Someone can easily manipulate a child into saying words that are not their own, and if you try to take that as important, you're misrepresenting the true breakdown of the opinions of a population.

  • Kids are easily manipulated

    As a 17-year old, I have seen too many nonsensical debates and baseless claims coming from us kids. We are very easily manipulated. We could take anything from CNN, Fox News, Or even from our parents as a fact. What angers me the most is how kids think that their opinion is completely factual and anyone who disputes it is objectively wrong. We are too young to be expected to see both sides of an argument.

  • This question obviously stems from the marches on Washington by thousands of high-school students. Sadly these kids are being manipulated for political reasons.

    I will strongly contend that those who suddenly insist that kids' opinions matter on very complexe issues are simply using those kids as a means of string up our emotions around the issue.

    Gun control is the issue the left-wing biased media and left-wing politicians and are trying to use to manipulate public opinion.
    This is blatantly obvious if you know what happened and you have critical thinking.

    Because we know the FBI and the local sheriff had ample warnings about the potential violent problems with the shooter. In fact they were directed to evidence that the kid was planning a school shooting. Yet his name was never flagged as someone who shouldn't be allowed to buy a gun, so he bought a gun. This was a deadly failure on the part of the authorities.

    Then the actual shooting event was prolonged by the cowardly actions of members of the local sheriff's department. The resource officer is clearly seen 'chickening out' in the videos. And 4 other officers from that department waited outside while shots rang out and kids lay dying.

    On the CNN town hall and in those marches on Washington DC, not one student express any anger at the authorities who could have stopped the shooting from happening in the first place, but failed monumentally to do so.

    All the anger of these kids is being directed at the NRA, the law abiding, responsible gun owners who are less likely to commit any kind of crime with their guns. In the US, the issue of gun control is a second amendment issue and one political party supports the second amendment and the other political party is opposed it

    In this particular shooting we know where the failures occurred and by who, yet the anger and calls for change are directed at measures that wouldn't fix any of the failures that could have stopped the shooting.

    They're talking about the shooter's age to buy a gun, when there were more compelling reasons than age the authorities could have used to bar this person from buying a gun.

    America has a gun culture. That means many people, both law abiding and criminal minded, love guns. If you make it illegal to have guns, then people will simply get them illegally, They are several other gun cultures, like The Philippines, South Africa, Jamaica, Lebanon, and others.

    Then there is the issue of illegal gun running and backyard gun manufacturing, In fact, I watch one documentary where the gun runner said his best business is in states with the strongest gun laws.

    So these kids are being used to stir emotion around a heartbreaking issue (mass shootings) to promote a political agenda (gun control), while the true scope and depth of the issue (America's gun culture) get's ignored. Better yet, the reason people are resorting to mass murders. Except for Islamic terrorism, this seems to happen in the US more than anywhere else.

  • We are voids of cosmic purposelessness; no one's opinions matter anyway. . .

    The world as we know it is without meaning or purpose. Given this circumstance, Existence itself--all action and opinions- are ultimately senseless and empty. Given this circumstance, Children's opinions are ultimately senseless and empty, Along side with the opinions of everybody else. Completely and utterly meaningless. Life has no intrinsic meaning or value, Therefore, Children's opinions have no intrinsic meaning or value. Nothing on this website has intrinsic meaning or value; the opinions shared constantly on here are completely worthless. Y'all should just go home.

  • Childrens brains are crap

    The salem witch trials were caused by stupid mischievous lying children. Childrens brains arnt fully developed and their parents are responsible for their welfare until theyre 18. If childrens opinions matter, Than feel free to try them for capital crimes as adults and i guess we don't need minimum age for sex either right? Dumbasses

  • I am a kid hear from me

    I am a kid and I have realized that over the years my opinion and the opinion of my freinds DO NOT MATTER. When speaking in a debate with adalts I am ignored and my ideas are discarded. My opinion only matters when I am with freinds and we are debateing. I am sure people will overlook this because a kid wrote it. It just makes me vary mad

  • Kids don't think for themselves

    Most children only regurgitate what their parents say to them. Kids don't start to think for themselves until they get to high school and start hanging out without being babysat by their parents. You could have a kid, Decorate their walls with swastikas, Tell them how great the Nazis were, And preach anti-semitism, And the child wouldn't know any better until they started interacting with kids away from their parents. My first two elections, I asked my parents for a copy of their ballot and checked all the boxes they did. I didn't make my own voting decisions until I got to college. The opinions of children are just the opinions of their parents from a much more marketable face.

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Arganger says2018-04-25T19:39:28.007
I find it hard to post a side, because children's opinions SHOULD matter, but generally they aren't given any thought.

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