Do children's role models impact who they become later in life?

  • Role models carry over

    Children's role models impact who they become later in life because a child's life decisions are impacted by who they look up to. If a child looks up to someone who makes strong, moral decisions, they will be inspired to do the same, but if they do not follow the life goals of someone who is respectable, if they look up to someone who is questionable or immoral, they will often be lead to make poor decisions.

  • Listen to me please, I want to be heard

    I believe that a child's role model COULD impact on what they become later in life, but not always. Parents always say "Oh, well that friend's parents do drugs. That means (Childs name) will pressure you to do drugs too." No, it means that, the parent of that child made some bad decisions, and I bet they won't be offering their 13 year old child drugs. Most likely, the child will see what happened to their parents when they did drugs, smoked, ect. And will not want to become like their parents. This is my opinion, and I fully understand that a lot of people will not agree. But I firmly stand by my opinion, and will until I am proven wrong.

    Yes, I am a child, I am only 13, but I believe that I see the world in a different light and maybe I am right.

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