• Yes, China's stocks affect global economies.

    As globalization is more of a reality than a theory, now it is more important than ever to realize how the events in one nation or region affects the world. Because China is a leading nation that trades on a gloabl level, a hit to their economy could spell a hit to the global economy. When stocks begin to fall, less people invest meaning less capital for businesses to use to expand their own interests. When this happens, a domino effect can form, essentially slowing the global market. Simply because of China's size, wealth, and power, a dip in the Chinese economy definitely has an affect of some magnitude on the global economy.

  • China is making a move to make the Luan the global currency.

    China is trying to replace the dollar as the worlds currency. They are no longer dealing with dollars and it appears that they are trying to crash our economic system. We are so far in debt to them that we are at risk of losing land to them. They also have interest in the economies of the rest of the world and I believe they are trying to make their currency the global currency.

  • China Ranks Supreme with Apple

    China is fast becoming a nation that has tremendous impact on the global economy. Apple considers China to be its most important market for the iPhone and its other products. It has been shown time and time again that when there is a slump in the economy of China, Apple suffers a devaluation of its stock price.

  • Yes, China's stocks affect global economy.

    In my opinion, China is a huge player in the world market. As China imports from and certainly exports to so many locations, absolutely anything at all affecting the Chinese stock market is certain to have a large effect on the economies of other countries. The recent volatility evidences that.

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