• Everyone woos business leaders

    The bold bit says it all. Money is love. Money is life. It's not ogre. It's never ogre.
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  • Yes, Chinese spies definitely woo business leaders.

    There have been news reports of Chinese spies using various tactics to gather information on technology and defense systems. They have reportedly used cyber attacks on corporate computer systems in an effort to gain information. It stands to reason they would also woo business leaders. Any pieces of information that they are able to get can be utilized. I imagine wooing a business leader would eventually present a wealth of opportunity.

  • Of course they do

    Do Chinese spies woo business leaders? Of course they do. They wouldn't be very effective spies if they didn't, now would they? I am not even sure why this question is being asked, because it's not something that can be debated, because it is quite obviously true. What's the point?

  • Chinese corrupt Americans easiest through their wallets

    The unfortunate side effect of a capitalist society is that money takes precedent over all other things. Given enough money, a man will betray his country. The betrayal does not need to be big, and the profit may be enormous for the traitor. However, a cluster of small betrayals can lead to one large conspiracy. This is why the CIA and NSA are so paranoid. Counter intelligence is no longer about one big job. It is a bunch of small, relatively insignificant transactions that lead to one large plan.

  • Super cheap prices are what lure businesses.

    Chinese spies do not woo business leaders. If anything, the lure of incredibly cheap labor is what is luring business leaders to China. It is difficult to fathom that all of the prosperity China has is due to spying on corporations for opportunities. The Chinese have simply been able to outdo many other countries technically and fiscally in business.

  • Not at all

    No, first of all business leaders will not even know a spy when if they ever met one, because spies do not reveal themselves, hince the name. Also a business leader is not going to care about a spy unless somehow the spy can make the buseness leader a lot more money.

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