• Your missing the point

    The whole point of going to church is to show your devotion to God and show him that you are willing to sacrifice time out of your week to give time to Him. It's also BS that you do any of those things while at home. One last thing, the pastors are receiving guidance from God for what they need to preach that week that will help the congregation the most. You're completely missing the point bro.

  • Stay home and pray

    Home is your church. You don't need to go to church to worship God. There weren't Christian churches in the bible sprouting up every second. All of Jesus's followers prayed at home. Does that mean the people back then were not Christian because they didn't go to church? No it doesn't.

  • We can pray at home

    If someone asked me this two centuries ago, I would say yes. But with the technology we have these days, we can stay at home. We can pray, read the Bible, and listen to pastors on YouTube at our house. Plus, many churches are bossy and arrogant. It is better not to go to church.

  • You don't have to go

    Why go to church and u could stay home reading the bible or praying to God. Most of the time church is where the Devils are and in some churches the posters be the Devils. . . . Because the church I went to the paster use to curse and say that they were in the bible likeeeeeee where they do that at. Only in church

  • You don't have to go to Church if you do not want to.

    If you honestly don't want to go to Church, I believe God respects and understands that. I don't believe that god wants you to praise his name everyday, remember in that South Park episode where Jesus came in and told all the children that you live for God is not by praying to him everyday, but to be happy and live your life to the fullest. God doesn't demand attention, he just wants everything to be peaceful and happy.

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