Do Christians really think Noah took dinosaurs on the ark?

Asked by: freethinker101
  • Yep. We do.

    Yes, yes, I know. Laugh if you want. The truth is, if dinosaurs are anything like current reptiles, they stood less of a chance against an equal sized mammalian predator of the same approx. Size because reptiles almost always have lower endurance and intelligence than mammals. It doesn't matter that some dinosaurs could grow to be very large, we would be making a guess if we thought we knew when sexual maturity was reached in an extinct creature like T. Rex. Why would he take a full sized one? This argument (judging from the picture) assumes that we know the temperament of these creatures, as well. If you want to attack the account of Noah, this would be a failed attack.

  • apparently they do

    I have spoken to many who will defend this ridiculous position

    they are forced into a corner by believing other lies

    they think the world is 5000 years old.
    so they think dinosaurs co-existed with man.
    so they think that noah must have taken them on the ark...
    they then go one step further...
    they then are forced to say that dinosaurs were all vegetarian back then to explain why the dinos didnt eat everything

    whilst dinosaurs give a humourous and extreme angle to this dilemma, the same could equally be said about lions tigers crocodiles etc....

  • 2 of each kind

    God said 2 of each kind of dinosaur not 2 of each dinosaur. There are only 700 different kinds of dinosaurs. And if there all in there juvenile state there would be room to spare. And Jesus says in Mark 9 verse 23
    " "If you can" said Jesus " Everything is possible for one how believes"

  • Consider the source

    We have a very reliable historical document that says: "Genesis 6:20
    Two of every kind of bird, of every kind of animal and of every kind of creature that moves along the ground will come to you to be kept alive."
    The Bible has been proven time and again to be a reliable historical document.
    We also have MANY recorded sightings of "Dinosaurs" throughout history. Of course the word "Dinosaur" belongs to this modern culture...But the Middle Ages called them "dragons"...The Aztecs and other ancients drew pictures of them.

  • Why Wouldn't They Be On The Ark?

    Certainly Noah didn't have full-grown dinosaurs on the Ark. The young ones would have been much smaller. God may have put the animals into some sort of hibernation for the time on the Ark (just over a year). Genesis tells us that God took either 2 or 7 of every creature onto the Ark, and that would include dinosaurs.

  • Dinosaurs are land dwelling creatures created on day 6

    There is no problem, within a biblical framework of history, with dinosaurs being on the ark. Animals were not discriminated against beyond being classified as clean or unclean, with regards to consumption; every kind was saved. God likely brought young creatures onto the ark since they would need to procreate and survive after the Flood. Answers in Genesis has plenty of detailed articles on this topic for anyone who is interested: answersingenesis.Com

  • The largest dinosaur kinds could fit on the ark

    Did you know that the largest dinosaurs in the world hatched out of a soccer ball sized egg? Most adult dinosaurs were smaller than sheep, and all dinosaurs at one time were smaller than sheep.

    Not only this, there weren't that many kinds of dinosaurs (probably just about 50 actual kinds). Yes there are lots of names out there, but we've since learned that those are likely the same kind of dinosaur at different stages of development, or different species of the same kind (german shepherds vs. Labradors). In fact there aren't that many kinds of animals. All species of bears came from an original bear kind which was on the ark. All species of cats came from an original cat kind, as did all species of dogs (we know all domestic dogs came from the gray wolf, for instance). If you look at some of the arguments next door, you'll see most skeptics are completely ignorant of this stuff.

    For further research, look up the term "baraminology." It's a fascinating field of creation science that looks to determine the original created kinds that all animals have descended from.

  • Well der... YES!

    For those who dont know, there is a dinosaur mentioned in the bible. If we take a look at Job 40 and Job 41, 40 says in brief 'behold this behemoth I made unto you' then gives a short description of the animal, then in 41 a better description. Now some say that this animal is an elephant or a hippo however in Job 40 verse 17 it states 'its tail is as strong a Cedar' the Cedar I assume is referring to the Cedar tree which has very strong wood indeed, now please name one elephant or hippo that have strong tails :P now those who say that theres not enough room on the ark, how to store food etc... Sea creatures dont have to be on the ark to begin with and who said Noah had to have mature animals on the ark? Also on that note who says the dinosaurs had to be fed? With the power of God anything is possible yes? Going back to maturity as we know mature animals are big, this is true but dinosaur size at maturity take it to another level, however again who said mature animals were on the ark. There could have been hatchlings on the ark or even young adults so when they get off the ark they are to sexual maturity. Also putting the Bible aside. Hundreds of dinosaur carvings have been found/discovered see this website for more info

  • Dinosaurs aren't in the Bible

    The mention of Dinosaurs is not available in the Bible, therefore a Christian cannot conclude that dinosaurs were in fact on the boat. Thus if a Christian does believe dinosaurs were on the boat, this is from no biblical reference. Which implies that it is more of a non christian view.

  • I would sure hope that christians don't think Noah took Dinosaurs with him

    It's bad enough that they could possibly believe that every species on the planet could exist on one ship ANYWAY, nevertheless propose something as preposterous as dinosaurs coexisiting with viable prey on a boat for 40 days and nights. Its not like they had space for much ANYWAY, but with the supposed creation date of 2427 B.C., there is LITERALLY no way you could fit ANY animal larger than 600-1000 pounds on a boat from that time without it sinking. By 1000 A.D., the Polynesisans and Malaysians [Known as the world's best and most accurate sailors until the Vikings arrived in Newfoundland] made it from the Malay Peninsula all the way to the country of madagascar in their largest boats--rafts not much larger than a patio that could POSSIBLY sustain five to ten small human beings. This said, if by 1000 AD most races didn't have viable craft to sail even a hippopotamus from point a to point b, there is no chance in hell that Noah could have built anything firstly large enough to sustain a large amount of animals, and secondly provide enough food and shelter for them so that they stayed healthy enough to reproduce and yet enclosed so they didn't attack each other. That said, it's a bit hard to contain a dinosaur, and Noah would have had no way to prevent any ONE of the monsterous beings from killing each other [Or him!].

  • Noah's ark - Skeptic's Dictionary

    Noah supposedly built the Ark beginning in 2427 BC. For arguments sake, let’s assume that all dinosaurs had died by that time.
    The Ark was 300 cubits long, 50 cubits wide and a height of 30 cubits. A cubit is about 1.5 feet. So the Ark would have been 450 feet long, 75 feet wide, 45 feet high.
    Is there enough space in the Ark for 2/2 of unclean and 7/7 of clean animals and enough food for about 370 days. An elephant eats 300 to 500 pounds of vegetation per day, 2 elephants would eat 600 to 1,000 pounds per day. Two elephants would eat from 222,000 to 370,000 pounds of vegetation in 370 days. Not sure where you could store that much vegetation, and still have room for the other animals and their food. A male lion eats about 15 pounds of meat a day, a lioness about 11. The male lion and lioness would need 9,600 pounds of meat for 370 days. Noah was instructed to take 7/7 of the clean animals and 2/2 of the unclean animals. Giraffes have a divided hoof and chew their cud. Noah would have had to get 7 male and 7 female giraffes. A Giraffe eats about 65 pounds of vegetation per day. 14 giraffes would eat about 336,700 pounds of vegetation in 370 days. Hippos have divided hooves, but we will assume they are unclean. Hippos eat about 150 pounds of grass per day, so two hippos would eat about 111,000 pound of grass in 370 days. A rhino eats about 37 pounds per day. Two rhinos would eat around 27,380 pounds in 370 days. The 5 animals listed above would need 706,680 pounds of food for 370 days. But, we have thousands of animals to go.
    The Ark story is one of many myths in the Bible, e.g., Jonah being swallowed by a whale or big fish and living inside the animal for three days and three nights, Jesus turning water into wine; Jesus feeding 50,000 people with five loaves of bread and 2 fish.
    It is scientific impossibility to put 2/2 on unclean and 7/7 of clean animals plus a 370-day supply of food for each animal into a boat the size of Noah’s Ark. There are over two million species of animals that don’t live in the water and breathe air.
    Then you have the issue of animals living thousands of miles away on other continents. How did they get to the ark? What about the penguins, which don’t fly. How would they have gotten to the Ark and walked through the desert? What about animals only found in North America, e.g., brown bear, Moose, black-footed Ferret. What about the animals only found in Australia, e.g., kangaroo, Koala, Tasmanian devil, etc. How did these other animals get to the Ark? Sydney, Australia is 8,444 miles from Jerusalem by airplane. Some of the animals don't swim, at least not across oceans.

  • I can answer all your arguments ;)

    Ok here is the problem. Christians don't take the time to realize that our translation of the bible is limited (that is to say that English doesn't have the depth required) If you study the bible yes it gives the mention of the creation on Genesis but its not the first creation. Genesis is the account of the creation after the galactic flood that was used to wash away Lucifer's reign on the earth. I'm not going to go into the detail look it up yourself. Any good bible study can explain it. Also did you ever wonder why there was so much ice in space? Anyhew Dino's died in the first flood not the 2nd. Hope this helps. :)

  • Yes (birds), and No (all other kinds of dinosaurs) , thus the No answer is most correct.

    There are 100s millions of true Christians today from many different cultures worldwide that can trace origin of their religion to the time of Jesus. The vast majority of them teach their children that dinosaurs (other than birds) did not exist on the earth at the time of the ark of Noah. Why do they so teach ?

    Humans are different from all other kinds of living things God created because they have a special likeness of God, which is the power of rational thinking. What God reveals to the rational human mind is that all kinds of dinosaurs, except birds, become extinct on the earth long before the generation of Noah and his family. We know this to be true via reason alone because at the time of Noah, many other human cultures created by God existed far away from the land of Noah, and written documents from them have survived to modern time. Of importance is that none of them make reference that large dinosaurs walked with humans at the time of Noah. If T. Rex predatory dinosaur of adult size, or any other kind of large size dinosaur walked on the earth at the time of Noah, it would have been recorded by at least one human culture present before or during the generation of Noah. The only rational explanation is that they became extinct long before humans invented the written word, or passed on oral history of living conditions. Of great importance is that this explanation derived from reason is confirmed by the observational evidence of Gods creation as recorded in the geological and biological evidence found in the fossil record worldwide.

    What does this mean for true Christians today ? Like the serpent God allowed in the garden to tempt and deceive Eve to do evil, God by his will, and for his own good reason, today allows the same serpent to deceive true Christians in the form of religious cults that make false claim that dinosaurs (other than birds) were present on the earth at the time of the ark of Noah. Jesus warned of such false teachers that would walk the earth in future times.

  • Unicorns are included with the Dino's!

    Dinosaurs did not exist at the same time as humans. Now that the ark exhibit has opened, I see they gave included a unicorn. The ark story are for those who refuse to think critically and they will try to indoctrinate their offspring to believe such tripe. This is why public education is so important.

  • The majority of Christians do not believe that Dinosaurs were on the Ark

    Christians who believe that there were dinosaurs on Noah's Ark are those from more fundamentalist denominations or viewpoints who adhere to the strict view that time in the Bible equals humanity's measurement of time (i.E. Earth only 7,000 years old). Faced with overwhelming evidence of the existence of dinosaurs, these Christians then conclude that a) dinosaurs didn't make it to the ark or b) they did, and died out later. However, this rigid view of time is contradicted by the Bible itself in Psalm 90:4 and 2 Peter 3:8, which indicate that God is not restricted to our view of time, nor are we to interpret a "day" in Genesis as a 24-hour period as we know it now.
    The majority of Christians understand that the Earth is 4.5 billion years old and the universe even older, because contrary to most of the popular mythology, most Christians do understand at least the rudiments of natural science, including carbon dating.

  • Nuttier than Squirrel Vomit!

    If dinosaurs were on the Ark, they all must have survived the Flood. So where are they? At this extinction rate, we should all be gone by Christmas! Also, why do we NOT find dinosaurs above the iridium and charcoal layers? Because that is when the asteroid hit that wiped them out and we have the Chixulub crater as evidence.

  • Not a chance!

    This claim turns educated rational people against the concept off God and Christ!

    No one who believes in evolution, even directed intentional evolution, is going to buy this nonsense. It is Illogical, Irrational and Inane nonsense.

    God is above all else: the author of truth. How am I to believe the creator of the Universe will be limited by our asinine efforts to confine "The Eternal" to our tiny little slice of history?

    Eternity is a long time: "They (The Heavens) shall perish, but thou shalt endure: yea, all of them shall wax old like a garment; as a vesture shalt thou change them, and they shall be changed:" Psalms 102:26.

    Eternal is without a beginning and without an end. Why do Creationists box themselves in?

    God allows wide latitude in regard to creation. God has his own schedule. To brlieve otherwise is arrogant.

  • No he did not

    No because they did not exist and to think that dinosaurs did exist is just plain folly. I know what you are going to say, "then what about the bones?". Those bones where not found the way that people set them up and besides Noah did not take ANY animals on the ark, they were commanded by God to enter the ark just like how a man can command a robot because animals do not have free will.

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