Do Christians use secular morality when following the Bible?

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  • The few decent morals of the bible predate the religion.

    The basic tenets of morality- prohibitions against murder, theft, and the like- are evolutionary and indeed appear in multiple secular codes of law and ethics that predate religious ones.

    Christians also use a great deal of secular morality in their own ethical systems by selectively rejecting the parts of the bible that are obviously immoral. For example, the bible endorses slavery, and modern Christians reject it despite this. The bible endorses shunning all nonbelievers, while most Christians realize this is prejudiced and immoral. The bible endorses sexism, and many Christians reject it.

  • They have to

    It is extraordinarily easy to criticize the morality one finds in the Bible, as most of it is simply odious and incompatible with a civil society.The notion that the Bible is a perfect guide to morality is really quite amazing, given the contents of the book. Human sacrifice, genocide, slaveholding, and misogyny are consistently celebrated. Of course, God’s counsel to parents is refreshingly straightforward: whenever children get out of line, we should beat them with a rod. If they are shameless enough to talk back to us, we should kill them.We must also stone people to death for heresy, adultery, homosexuality, working on the Sabbath, worshiping graven images, practicing sorcery, and a wide variety of other imaginary crimes. Anyone who believes that Jesus only taught the Golden Rule and love of one’s neighbor should go back and read the New Testament. And he or she should pay particular attention to the morality that will be on display if Jesus ever returns to earth. If religion really provided the only conceivable objective basis for morality, it should be impossible to posit a nontheistic objective basis for morality. But it is not impossible; it is rather easy. So a Christian either followers the bible, the word of god or he uses secular morality. So torture and murder are ok if the bible says its ok. This makes me think that god is immoral or imaginary. We learn and grow through questions and conversion not blind faith in the supernatural, so question everything. Thanks for reading have a nice day.

  • Give onto Caesar what belongs to him and God what belongs to Him

    We have secular jobs and things we need to do because as the verse goes, "Give onto Caesar what belongs to him and God what belongs to Him." We live in this world. It's impossible to not live in it at the moment, but we are not of this world.

  • Yes because the times move on and the bible doesn't hold all answers

    When the bible was written attitudes were different back then. As time goes on the old fashioned ideals get brought into question. There are many different branches of christianity and even some sects. There are people who loosely base it upon their morality, and there are some people who take it word for word.

    How can anybody back then know we'd invent something like contraception these days? Yet, in the bible it can be interpreted as immoral hence the Pope's disapproval of contraception and birth control in Africa. How would they know we'd be playing video games in this day of age? Did they know people were going to get stoned on drugs? What is the view of outer space exploration? Or of cloning? The church has answers, but it varies so much on interpretation that no priest or clergyman can know for sure. They say it's immoral yet the Bible doesn't have these answers. The disciples never wrote growing GM crops are bad, or that playing Call of Duty sends you burning in hell.

  • Any morality is always Christian morality

    In the beginning was the Word.
    Christ = The Word
    The Word created all of existence.
    Christ said, morality reduces to two governing principles: love God and Love others. All morality is generated from these two fundamental principles since the beginning of time.
    Therefore, all morals, secular and religious have their origins in Christ.

  • Most Christians don't use secular morality when following the Bible

    Most Christians don't use secular morality when following the Bible. A true Christian follower should always use the Bible and not what our secular society teaches us about moral standards. Our dignity should be preserved and lived according to the Bible. Christians should use the Bible at all times for the foundation of living their lives, not secular morality, which is the same today and tomorrow.

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