Do churches and their leaders overstep their boundaries when they speak out against certain groups such as the LGBT community?

  • Yes, it is wrong for churches and their leaders to speak out against groups.

    People who attend church follow what their leaders say. By speaking out against the LGBT community and other similar groups, these churches breed hate. They make it seem okay to hold those groups down. Some people may even take it as being okay to discriminate or harm members of those groups because "God" says they are bad. It sends a hateful message, the opposite of which religion should be sending.

  • Jesus Said "Love Thy Neighbor"

    Individuals have a right to their opinion, but churches cannot get involved in political discussions, and those political discussions include LGBT rights. Not only that, Jesus said "Love thy neighbor as thyself," and also "Do not judge lest you be judged." Jesus never excluded gays from that statement, so churches and their leaders might consider getting back to basics by studying the actual words of Jesus as stated in the Holy Bible before passing judgment on entire classes of citizens.

  • Yes, churches and their leaders overstep bounds when speaking out against certain groups.

    Churches are typically hard-wired with ancient beliefs and thinking, that they fail to take into consideration social progress and the change of time. Instead of preaching about inclusion and diversity, speaking out against groups such as the LGBT community only conveys a sense of hatred and exclusiveness that could be viewed as unwelcoming to potential members.

  • Churches such as Fred Phelps' should spend more time reading the Bible and less time hurting people.

    Holding signs at the funerals of Matthew Shepard and dead soldiers that say "God Hates Fags" is disgusting and shameful, and is oe instance where the right to free speech should be curtailed. these so-called religious buffoons overlook the basic teachings of Jesus and the Old testament that spread love, not hate and caution us to "judge not, lest ye be judged." These people are nothing more than hypocrites and don't deserve their tax-exempt status.

  • Squarely within their bounds.

    Churches are one of tge few settings where it is allowed to speak clearly, accurately, and truthfully against the evil of homosexual behavior. Hard atheism would love to silence religious freedom, making it a crime for a religion to promote anything except irreligion. They will never succeed but they will never give up.

  • First Amendment Rights

    The First Amendment not only protects religious freedom but also freedom of speech. This means not only can people believe what they want but also voice that opinion as long as it does not break other laws.
    -Contrary to popular opinion, we are free to think whatever we want and to make that opinion public as long as it does not break other laws doing so. If people don't like what is said, too bad.

  • The world has legitimized homosexuality because of the hypocrisy of political correctness.

    've said this on this site before, and I'll say it again because it's the truth.

    Back in 2008, the results of a scientific study of the brains of homosexual was released and the main stream media bombarded the public with the news that homosexuals' brains were wired in a way that made sexually attracted to members of the same sex. This narrative was repeated so often that it caused some churches to fracture.

    What the mainstream media didn't tell the public is that the same study was done on the brains of pedophiles and serial killers, with the same results: their brains were wired in a way that found them attracted to kids and to getting some kind of sick pleasure from killing people.

    Of course, the two latter studies never saw the light of day in mainstream media. I had to do a little digging a couple of years ago to find articles about these studies. Unfortunately, the media is terribly infected with political correctness, and since the LGBT community is one of it's favored groups, the political correct people in mainstream media were only too pleased to promote the LGBT community, while burying the results of similar studies about groups they don't like, albeit with good reasons.

    But to the person who asked the question, why is it that anti-Christian people in the West always attack the church and our views about homosexuality? Why don't you ask about the fact LGBT people are executed in Islamic countries?

  • No, that is not necessarily true for all churches

    When you say 'churches and their leaders', you are generalizing that all churches do this, which is not true because I don't. You need to differentiate between the label-wearers and real Christians because this is where the conflict is. In the link with the article that pastor does not even deserve the title, because that clearly contradicts the bible. In Jesus' time those who had leprosy where outcasts, and that is what you think when churches speak of the LGBT community; so I'd assume you think the churches are against the LGBT. Mark 1:40-42 talks about where the leper asks Jesus to heal him if he were willing, and Jesus accepts his request. Now the pastor in the article portrays a completely different image of Jesus in bad light. God gave us a free will hence we can believe what we want to.

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