Do cities have an interest in maintaining "Main Street" stores instead of inviting in superstores?

  • Main street stores keep money local.

    Superstores have a purpose, and that is to destroy local business. That is the hard truth. Superstores are specifically designed to sell products that would typically be sold by several smaller businesses. The superstore can single out one store at a time that it wishes to undercut while still maintaining regular profits among its other products. It is this function that allows superstores the ability to close smaller businesses and eliminate the competition through attrition.

  • Yes, I think cities have an interest in maintaining "Main Street" instead of inviting in superstores.

    While I think that superstores probably generate more tax revenue for a city compared to Main Street stores I think that a city benefits if they keep main street stores alive and prosperous, main street stores will remain loyal to the area and provide products and services to the local community while a superstore will abruptly close either through nationwide corporate store closings or just not being profitable enough in that area.

  • Yes, they do.

    It helps local business and also helps tourism in the area. Local stores on Main Streets often have many things that people will find interesting that you also may not find anywhere else. This helps the local government as well, with more people purchasing from these stores it help the people in the area make more money bringing in more for taxes.

  • Yes, now they do.

    It seems to me that people and their cities are trying to revitalize Main Streets all across the country at this point, and that superstores are losing popularity due to the nonsense of giants like Walmart. If there were superstoes that paid well, like Costco, it would have gone much better.

  • Wal-Mart Is Everywhere

    I think it is absolutely stupid to ask if cities have an interest in maintain "Main Street" stores instead of inviting in superstores. Cities around the country allowed Wal-Mart to build and even gave them huge tax breaks which led to the loss of thousands of smaller stores across the country. I believe more cities should help protect these smaller businesses from tyrants like Wal-Mart. The whole country would be in a far better place without Wal-Mart.

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