Do civil rights and animal rights go hand in hand?

  • Animals are wonderful creatures and deserve rights just as much as any race of human being.

    Animals were clearly here before us therefore understanding the concepts of the earth better than we do. Animal populations are decreasing very very quickly due to hunting, poaching, pollution and our needs for buildings that won't matter in some years. Animals are way more important than us when it comes to the ecosystem and food chain and some people don't care to respect anything about it. They are selfish and need to understand that. Animal cruelty and stealing habitat is totally wrong and a ridiculous thing to put in this world. Humans are being disrespected because of their skin color and it's utterly stupid. Animals are being treated with murder every second and that isn't happening all OVER the world to humans. We have infected this planet by the billions and animals by the millions. If you don't believe animals are more superior than humans, then go and stick your face in a street.

  • Animal Rights is the next step in Civil Rights

    This is how society is moving due to the ignorance of white people. We go from giving Native Americans rights, to African Americans, to Women, to Latinos, to LGBT members, to Animals, to cyborgs, to AI, and then to literal aliens.

    Once LGBT is done with (which will hopefully be completed under Obama's 2nd term), we can finally move onto a nation-wide animal rights movement that is the next step in Civil Rights.

  • Yes civil rights and animal rights go hand in hand

    Yes, I believe civil rights and animal right do go hand in hand. Although humans are not animal, animals have feelings just like humans do. They can have fear and they can feel love. As most people being meat consumers there is a difference between killing an animal for food in as a human way possible than torturing and treating animals badly

  • Yes, Civil Rights and Animal Rights Go Hand in Hand

    Yes, civil rights and animal rights do go hand in hand. Animals like mammals are known to have feelings and emotions. When one pair of dogs die the other will mourn the death by not eating. Science has shown that crabs and lobsters can feel the pain of being cooked alive. More and more scientific evidence shows that animals have a range of emotions. If we are to be masters of all beasts on the land, in the air and the sea then we have to take responsibility in protecting them.

  • Leave the animals alone

    We should not be manipulating other beings for the pleasure of our own species. We should not be mass producing certain animals just to slaughter them. We should not be using animals to test products because we aren't allowed to test them on humans. We should not be keeping animals in capitivity just to amuse us. We should not make animals jump through fire hoops and perform in stupid shows just to amuse us. Leave the animals alone. Let them live in the circle of life without manipulating them. Take their environments into account before we completely destroy their homes just to build some huge Wal-Mart. We need to learn how to co-inhabit this Earth with them just like they co-inhabit it with thousands of other species on a daily basis.

  • Both Go Hand In Hand

    Civil rights and animal rights important because humans ARE animals. Yes, we are civilized animals, but we still share many traits with wild creatures. Both animals and humans feel emotions. And even though the lives of humans have more value than those of animals, the rights of animals are still important too. After all, the Holocaust begun because Nazis believed Jews were inferior. If we look down upon sentient beings and disregard them as worthless, it only encourages prejudice.

  • If not for animals, humans would be lost.

    A good policy to use would be "treat animals with respect". So if you are abusive to an animal, just think that they are a living thing and they have feelings too. If you kick a dog in the ribs, imagine how it would feel to have another person kick YOU in the ribs.

  • Humans are tools, animals are not.

    On countless occasions, I have manipulated people into doing things they never would have done, things they thought were wrong, but I have never been able to make an animal go against its instincts. This is because animals are innocent, they do things to survive, while humanity clings to its petty arrogance. Humans are scum, to be used and deleted at will. Animals are innocent beings, to be cared for. Those who harm animals, I wish a blight upon them, a flesh rotting blight. I hope to see animal abusers eradicated one day, sentenced to torturous death, made to last as long as possible before expiration.

  • Civil and animal rights go hand in hand

    Civil rights and animal rights go hand in hand. This is because civil rights and animal rights should be treated the same. Everyone should have the right to be treated well regardless of the fact that it is an human or animal, as humans are animals in their own right as well.

  • Humans are animals.

    Humans are in the kingdom Animalia, just as an elephant or dog or rat is. Animals are our neighbors on Earth, therefore animals should be treated with as much respect as our neighbors of the same species.
    The argument could be made in the voice of religion. "God created the universe." Okay, then God made science, so don't ignore it.

  • Humans are superior.

    Humans are the top of the food chain, period. We have but two predators and consume about every animal on Earth. Yet, when faced with the rights of these animals, more than I expected have a defensive argument. I take it most of you 45% are not vegetarians. Yes, it is always morally right to think of others, but humans are the priority when it comes to survival, and that's how it's always been.

  • Why the heck should they???

    Why in the world would animal and civil rights go hand in hand? Is it now necessary that we allow animals to ride anywhere they want on the bus instead of the "furry only" section??? Humans should treat fairly with one another. Animal rights do not deserve the attention of civil rights because to be frank, humans are superior to any other known species due primarily to our ability to think and imagine. Animals do not have rights and do not deserve rights. They do however deserve fair treatment at the hands of a human. Fair treatment would consist of being left alone and allowed to live its life.

  • People don't know what animal rights are.

    Animal rights activists believe that we should not be able to buy pets, not advertise animals in commercials or movies, no matter how well the animal is treated. Factory farming is not anywhere near the horrors they make it out to be, people go to extreme lengths to keep animals calm healthy and safe, conditions for workers are actually quite decent, the ones who slaughter the animal doesn't cut the meat at all, a stressed animal will bolt, so they have walls high enough so the animal can't see people, they are given large areas to roam in order to get more meat. As safety for the animals go up, so does profit. Activists tried to shutdown the dairy industry in Vermont, which could have severely damaged its economy, they know NOTHING of how agriculture works, and are to uneducated to understand that concept. What if animal testing could cure diabetes or AIDS? Think of how many lives and suicides it could save. Learn the difference between animal rights and animal welfare.

  • No, animal rights and civil rights do not go hand in hand.

    Civil rights and animal rights do not go hand in hand. Animal rights and civil rights are not comparable issues. While animals are cute, they are not human. They should not be mistreated, and should be allowed to fulfill their God given purpose, to service humans. Civil rights and human rights are totally different from animal rights.

  • Not Exactly

    While both civil rights and animal rights are important, civil rights are much more important. Both kinds of rights acknowledge that living creatures deserve to be treated with dignity, but humans are more important than animals. They also have more hurdles to clear in complex systems of government. Civil rights recognizes the inherent equality of humanity, while animal rights recognizes respect for living creatures.

  • You guys are forgetting one very important thing

    THE CIRCLE OF LIFE! You do realize that each and every living creature on earth is programmed to do anything and everything necassary to survive. For example if lions were as high on the food chain as us than they would simply think "human, food, eat, survive" and we are unlike many animals. Its the reason we are at the top of the food chain. Its our minds. Because physically we are inferior to every other animal so we have our minds. Finally, whether you believe it or not, we ate more important!

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  • Animals have NO Rights

    Since the dawn of history, man has used and domesticated animals for their meat, skin, and furs. Millions of years before this, the process of natural selection helped the genus of Homo become a dominant staple in the chain of life. Because of this, mankind was able to take advantage of the resources given by animals. This process is no more "abuse" than it is for a hammerhead shark to casually consume a yellow fin tuna. Even today, as cosmetics and medicine testing is often performed on animals, it is still for the development and achievement of the human race, as the Darwinist term "survival of the fittest" stretches beyond just survival. Therefore, the use of animals for material reasons by man is purely natural. If, somehow, a superior race came to be, the exact same thing would happen to us. Because of this, no true "rights" prevail in inter-species relations. Within animals of the same species (i.E. Humans), many "rights" and guidelines have been established, which is reasonable for animals of identical (therefore equal) species.

  • Civil Rights and Animal Rights are too different to go hand in hand.

    Animal rights are important and definitely should be put into question from society to make sure that animals are treated justly. Society as a whole really does not recognize animal rights. Animal rights are not really held by society as a "big issue". However, civil rights and animal rights do not go hand in hand. The rights given to people and animals are very different from one another, obviously. Most civil rights that we have are not even applicable towards animals. (speech, privacy, etc.) I find that these are two separate things, and have many separate issues to go along with them.

  • Civil Rights Not Same as Animal Rights

    While animals deserve some rights compared to humans, their rights are nothing like our civil rights. Animals don't have the right to free speech or the right to vote. However, we should treat animals in a humane manner by not exterminating species and testing on animals. There's no reason we should stomp all over other animal species.

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