Do class action lawsuits cost too much and really benefit only the lawyer in the end?

  • No, because class action suits are one of the few means by which consumers can leverage power against corporations.

    Lawsuits by isolated individuals rarely cause large corporations to tremble in their boots. Their legal representation is expensive and highly competent. An individual's suffering through corporate irresponsibility may, to the firm, be regrettable, but it need not change how the firm operates, nor even really register on its radar screen. Class action suits, in which an injured constituency bands together to seek relief, thankfully do get corporations' attention, and may even motivate changes in their behavior. Corporations can avoid such litigation by implementing policies that zealously respect the rights and safety of their consumers and workers, and that evince as much concern for them as for their own profits. Frivolous lawsuits do happen, of course, and may be occasions for sanctioning irresponsible plaintiffs. But for a class action to be certified, there is considerable likelihood that a case has merit. Plaintiffs' lawyers deserve good compensation for their role in this system.

    Posted by: M4I4cFeIine
  • People in class action suits get very little benefit or payment from the suit, and it is the legal profession that likes to initiate them.

    Most people involved in a class action suit do not initiate it and aren't even aware that it is a possibility until a lawyer contacts them. The winnings often don't amount to more than a few dollars per person, but the lawyers get paid a nice amount for representing these folks.

    Posted by: AlondraH
  • Class action lawsuits provide a way for lawyers to make a lot of money by inventing "victims".

    In general I oppose class action law suits. Many times the "victims" don't even know about the suit and only receive a few dollars while the lawyers make a lot I once received solicitation on a class action law suit about a credit card company. It asked me if I was charged something from a few years ago. If I was then I would receive a few dollars. How much did the lawyers get?

    Posted by: MishK00I
  • The attorneys make all the money and the plaintiffs might get a check for $0. 15

    Class action lawsuits are a waste of time for a plaintiff, Plus if you allow yourself to be included, You cannot sue for the same thing separately. I have a check for 15 cents that I received in a class action lawsuit, The lawyers made 3. 2 million and we the plaintiffs got 15 cents.

  • Class Action Lawsuits Are Meant To Punish

    Class action lawsuits rarely enrich the defendants, there are usually too many. We can debate how much of a percentage a lawyer should recieve, but they deserve to be paid for their time and effort.

    Even if lawyers were paid nothing, you’re still going to end up with nothing in most cases due to the sheer number of people involved in class action lawsuits.

  • Class action suits should require individual victims to OPT IN to the Suit. Lawyers Fees/awards should be capped.

    Why is is so difficult to OPT OUT? Often it must be done with multiple letters being sent in to opt myself out of a lawsuit. Why am I required to waste postage? What gives anyone the right to sue in my name? If a class action lawsuit has merit it should not be too difficult to find victims to OPT IN. If a company is being obtuse about dealing with a wrong then fines/taxes can be imposed.

  • An insult to the "victims"

    Being a current member of a class action against PayPal, I'm entitled to a whopping $3 payout. PayPal does not have to change any of their business practices that brought the lawsuit in the first place. Any loss will simply be passed on to customers through increased rates & fees. Oh yea, the attorneys on the case walk away with $960,000. I'd fight hard for a win too. Has nothing to do with righting a wrong, only has to do with lining a law firm's pocket.

  • Lawyers get 40% of class action suit

    I really think this awful, that the gets almost half of your settlement. The claimet is the one that did the suffering, and the injustice done to them. I feel that lawyers that have enormous amount of claimts in a class suit should get 25 to 30 percent. They comes out with all the monies. There should be a cap on this amount.

  • Class Action lawyer Jeffrey Wilens scams

    Class Action Lawsuits are mostly scams and is only about making lawyers rich

    The lawyers get richer and the class members get a check that won't cover the gas to the bank. You also might get only a coupon instead of a check, and the dirty lawyers get the millions.

    This usually results in a huge expanses for the company sued which of course is passed on the the consumers which eventually are the same people considered the class so in effect the class is screwed twice while the lawyers celebrate.

    Most people involved in a class action suit do not initiate don't feel damaged until a lawyer contacts them. The winnings often don't amount to more than a few dollars per person, but the lawyers get paid a nice amount for representing these folks.

    See example of such lawyer Jeffrey Wilens scams of Lakeshore Law Center

  • Lawyers say it's about the victim, when we all know they only do it for the money.

    Class action lawsuits should only be brought by attorneys working for the government. They should get their agreed upon compensation from their employment contract. The award settlement should be determined by the jury with a percentage (after the state or Fed's legal expenses) going to public education, social security or other fund that directly benefits the public (not to the military or pork programs).

  • Victim compensation is not relevant--the more money paid to lawyers, the better.

    The best argument in favor of class actions is that they're good at deterring socially harmful behavior. In other words, companies won't do bad things to large groups of people if class actions will later make those bad actions unprofitable. Lawyers' fees do two things: (1) require the companies to pay money, and (2) encourage and fund future class actions. Both of these things improve deterrence.

    Socially, insurance is a much more efficient way to compensate victims. We should get past the idea that CAs are best understood as a compensatory mechanism, and instead focus on how good they are at deterrence.

  • Individual law suits are too expensive for the average person.

    Class Action is no more expensive than the costs of a hundred individual court filings. Legal fees may seem high but there is an enormous amount of investigation, research and court documentation required. Courts rarely award full costs to individuals, so I doubt it would be that different with a Class Action. The big difference is a group of individuals can afford a class action suit.

  • What is it worth to you?

    I have been approached about a class action lawsuit in which I have decided to involve myself in because it is a labor related lawsuit that I was directly involved with. Honestly to me even if I only receive $1 from this case it will still be worth it to me because of the principal of the case. Myself and fellow employees always complained about the compensation and corporate avoided our questions and concerns. Therefore I am joining this because it is worth it to me and a little bit of my time to contribute to fairness to employees is worth it. As far as financial compensation, I really don't care because I am not in it for the money and am not greedy. I just want to help with labor law enforcement if possible. Obviously the lawyer is in it to make $$$, who gets a job that wouldn't create a paycheck and who doesn't seek the largest wage possible?

  • Participation Is A Key

    Plainly put, depending on your level of participation, you may receive more or less from a class action settlement. If you fill out the paperwork, sit back, and wait for your settlement check, don't be upset when it's only (for example) $35. The class action representative, the one who put in all the work should get more. So, what kinda class action participant are you?

  • Class Action Lawyers NECESSARY

    Although I agree that the system is by no means perfect, class action attorneys are very necessary in today's day and age regardless of their motive. With the amount of advertising in society and the vulnerability of the average consumer, imagine if class actions were no longer a means for lawyers to attempt to keep advertisers, somewhat, in line with telling consumers the truth. As is companies have no problem lying to us knowingly regardless of that likelihood that they will be slapped with a class action at some point in the future. Although companies are still profiting and consumers are being duped, I believe it would be ten times worse without the class action device. It would especially create incentive for smaller companies to mislead consumers when they otherwise wouldn't because they just cant afford to defend such lawsuits. Something to think about...

  • They benefit society by punishing the guilty.

    If you steal a little bit of money from a great many people, no individual person can make a lawsuit pay. But a bunch of people altogether can get their vengeance, and thus protect society from repetition of the offense.

  • Of course not

    Class action lawsuits help victims of a crime who dont even know theyve been swindled get fair retribution because someone else noticed the crime and realized it was committed against dozens of other people as well. They basically make the Judicial system faster by lumping all the crimes a corporation or a business has committed against its customers into one gigantic case.

  • No, class action lawsuits mean mass justice, when other options fail.

    Laws aren't always enforced and rights aren't always respected. When executive branches of government fail to prosecute, and legislation is not upheld, then class action lawsuits provide victims the ability to band together and stand up for rights and compensation. It's true that lawyers profit handsomely from these deals, but their clients would get nothing without them.

    Posted by: FlakyHerb64
  • Class action lawsuits can provide so much money to the prosecutor, that they can earn a lot of money beyond the lawyer fees.

    Most class action lawsuits are individuals or groups of individuals suing a large corporation. These corporations, who are at fault many times, often have billions upon billions of dollars. Those who felt wronged by the corporations often settle for or win millions of dollars, leaving the lawyers a hefty percentage but still making the whole ordeal worthwhile. For example, people have sued McDonald's for being burned by their coffee. Though the suit was long and probably accrued hefty lawyer fees, millions of dollars were won by the prosecutors. Furthermore, creating the lawsuits usually benefits other citizens, as companies are forced to change and update their policies and products. Therefore, even if the lawyers take all or most of the winnings, the American people benefit greatly.

    Posted by: DisastrousEzekiel78
  • I do not believe class action lawsuits are too expensive.

    Class action lawsuits are better for large companies. The reason I believe so is that the companies then do no have to deal with a multitude of individual lawsuits demanding more money per person. Legal expenses would skyrocket for particular companies. Class action lawsuits also increase the probability that specific individuals will be paid out to by said large companies.

    Posted by: SkinnyMarquis89

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AprilMari36 says2014-03-13T20:32:11.193
I was involved in a class action lawsuit I was awarded 1100.00 of which I received 3000.00 before taxes the lawyer 8000.00 I received a 1099 form for the whole amount. The lawyers are the only ones making any money if I had known I never would have joined. The lawyer doesn't have to pay because it's a service now I have to worry about paying more taxes on it when I already did. I only received 1600.00 and now that is going to taxes. So yes I believe no won wins and the companies are just handing over money to the lawyers.

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