Do classic bands like the Beatles still influence today's musicians?

  • John Lennon was the greatest songwriter in history

    John Lennon was the greatest songwriter in history whom Paul McCartney has tried to better for 50 years. With those two in the same band how could any other band ever possibly compete ? Through the the blues entered the mainstream of pop culture & pretty much every genre of popular music around today was influenced by them - No other band nor artist can truly claim that.


    the Beatles where a milestone in music history because they influenced everything at he time which had a knock on effect too everything today. nothing today would be the same without them so the Beatles scan't help having influence on bands today because whatever influence they have is bound to originate with the Beatles. Also many bands actually want to be as famous and similar to the Beatles which drives there work.

  • Todas las bandas, grupos, hasta la salsa, tienen influencias beatles

    Todos los que han estudiado musica y/o saben de musica, son educados con los beatles como parte de educacion musical aun en la musica clasica. Porque ellos hicieron la diferencia de lo antiguo y lo actual, ellos marcaron lo actual...aun su musica es lo actual, nadie grupo o estilo de musica a pasado lo actual, para crear un cambio en la musica, ellos crearon ese cambio. pregunten a cualquier maestro de musica.
    Maestro academico, claro esta!

  • I believe that classic bands such as the Beatles are still influencing the musical world today because musicians look to all sorts of previous musicians for inspiration.

    True musical artists listen beyond the genre in which they perform to various musicians from the past and present. They find their inspiration from those who are gifted in their creations. The sounds of the present reflect the sounds of the past, simply filtered through the eyes and ears of the new generation.

    Posted by: FairMckinley99
  • I agree that bands, such as the Beatles, still influence today's musicians, because I think the creation of music is an ongoing process, through many generations.

    Just as the Beatles and other groups popular in their era have influenced today's musicians, so were they influenced by the bands and musicians that came before them. For instance, in interviews, the Beatles have stated they were influenced by the Everly Brothers. The Everly Brothers, in turn, were influenced by blues musicians who were popular when they were growing up. In this way, music is an ongoing process, through the generations.

    Posted by: SuddenRashad84
  • Considering how many of today's bands openly name the Beatles as an influence, I think it is safe to say that they still are.

    The Beatles are quite possibly the most popular and successful band that ever existed. Until someone can top them, I think it is safe to say that bands today can still learn from them. Also, their songs continue to be covered and sampled aggressively every year.

    Posted by: ToughEfrain26
  • Yes, since music history lies behind everything that is issued today.

    While a currently popular artist, like Lady Gaga or Mumford and Sons, may never have sat down to listen to the Beatles, their innovations and creativity lie behind the music that is made today. Ideas, like using an orchestra, inventing the music video, and incorporating previously unimagined instruments all came from the Beatles. Without them as a heritage, today's music would be completely different.

    Posted by: R3yGoobIe
  • I agree, because they built the foundation that the music of today is built on.

    I know that music has been around for pretty much as long as humans have been around. Personally, for me, though, I feel that the modern fascination with music was sparked by those kinds of bands. People still praise the bands today, 50 or 60 years after they first started playing.

    Posted by: RobustMarkus66
  • Classic band will always influence not only the band of today, but also the bands of the future.

    Just like any bands of the past, the bands of today and tomorrow will always look back on the bands that preceded them. They will always take what they have learned, and use that knowledge to create music of their own, while incorporating sounds of the past with the sounds that are relevant to today's music.

    Posted by: SlipArnal
  • Absolutely, classic rock bands like the Beatles and others will always influence newer generations, because musicians only become musicians by listening to music of the past.

    Those who become musicians usually do so because they love music. They learn to love music by hearing it. And when they hear it, they gain a sense of appreciation for its melody, harmony, and lyrics. Classic bands, and other music that has come before the current generation, will always have an influence on the music that arises today.

    Posted by: MariaR
  • There are so many other genres today then there were back in the 60's.

    I think music today is much more influenced by the new wave and post-punk artists of the late seventies through the eighties and nineties. I think a lot of contemporary artists have more in common with bands like The Smiths and The Cure than they do with the Beatles. The Beatles influenced a lot of the music of the 70's, but once punk and synths and new wave came to play, their influence became blurred. The Beatles didn't invent punk or new wave or even really alternative music. In all honesty, they're the opposite of alternative music. And I think most of the great music that comes out today falls into the alternative genre, and so the Beatles don't really have a large influence on it.

  • No, I don't think classic bands like the Beatles still influence today's musicians because there are so many different genres of music compared to yesteryear.

    No, I don't think classic bands like the Beatles are still influencing today's musicians, since several new and different genres of music have evolved over the last few decades. Though some bands are still following the Beatles closely, there is no single genre that is influenced by them in a major way.

    Posted by: WittyRud
  • No, not at all. I don't think many people listen to the Beatles anymore.

    I think the Beatles created many new genres and bent what was the musical "norm" thirty years ago, but now musicians more-heavily influenced by more contemporary artists. Current pop music is reflecting (or regurgitating) material and tropes from the '80s, which I don't think has much to do with the Beatles legacy. I'm not saying that there aren't any artists that are directly influenced by the Beatles (or other classic bands), but it just isn't very common. If you were hard-pressed to trace their legacy, you could say that modern artists are influenced by other artists from a generation ago who were influenced by the Beatles.

    Posted by: Glen
  • I don't think today's musicians like classic bands like the Beatles. That kind of music doesn't have many fans and unfortunately doesn't influence anybody today.

    Classic rock and roll bands with nice tasteful lyrics were popular in the 50's, 60's and maybe 70's, but the public today likes more aggressive lyrics and a harder sound. I think it still has a small amount of public following, but the majority doesn't really like it and probably considers it something old people like to listen to. Personally, I love Beatles and similar music but I firmly believe there is no influence whatsoever in today's music.

    Posted by: 5h0PPingPerry

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