Do cliffhangers make the best TV show finale?

Asked by: lbutle11
  • Excitement for the next Season

    I think that cliffhangers do make the best season finales because it makes the viewer want to watch the next season. Personally, I always want to know what happens, so I get frustrated with cliffhangers, however, with a cliffhanger, I am more likely to watch the show again to find out what happens. Cliffhangers are designed for suspense and to keep the view coming back to the T.V. for more, and I think that the purpose is achieved when this happens.

  • Cliffhangers keep butts in seats!

    Ending a show's season on a suspenseful note keeps viewers coming back for more. If you like a show enough to watch to begin with, you should want the story to continue and the show to be successful. For a show to be successful, it must have good viewership ratings. Cliffhangers help ratings. By ensuring people watch and come back for more, cliffhanger endings help keep your favorite shows on the air.

  • Cliffhangers Leave Me Wanting More!

    TV show finales that include cliffhangers are the best TV show finales because viewers are left wanting more and anxious to find out how the show resolves the issues pending in the next season. The only downfall of TV show finale cliffhangers is when the show does not get picked up by the network for another season and then it is never resolved.

  • Cliffhangers cause stress!

    Because it not what people watch and it scares them and it not a good time to watch it at night. It not a good thing to have bad dreams from the show. And I don't like that show. I don't want to to the show at again. I don't think that the best show.

  • Pepole hate it when they have two weeks or so just to see what hapens

    I personly say its all or nothing i think ther shoud be a full story and evereone shoud know the truth of what happens at the end ther shoudnt be any clif hangers they shoud take the whole story and just show it then every one woud know it i think so

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