• Rewards for some, dismissals for no one.

    I would be in favor of giving actual college graduates breaks on their loans in the form of reduced interest payments. But I don't think that I would actually dismiss the loan. A financial responsibility is just that, a responsibility. However, I'm certain we can afford to find ways to reward people who don't become career students.

  • College graduates do deserve breaks on loans.

    Certain college graduates do deserve some kind of breaks on their student loans. The economy is rough, and it is difficult for graduates to find jobs that will help them pay off there loans. Graduates should be given some extra time to pay their loans off. Depsite this I do not think students deserve all out dismissals on their loans, because it was their choice to take out the loans. There are other options, such as going to a more affordable school or working through college.

  • If you borrow something, you should pay back in full.

    Nothing is free. The money you borrowed was someone else's. People should be more financially aware of what they are signing into. Though if that means payment should be made more customizable (slowed, deferred, quickened, adjustable payments, etc.), that is certainly more debatable. But you should certainly be held accountable for what you agree to.

  • They deserve dismissals.

    I, as a college graduate with 20,000 dollars of loans to pay off, would like to see them dismissed. Why should an education be so expensive? What a disgusting idea. America universities are the best in the world, but it's still all about the bottom line and this comes at the expense of people's well-being.

  • No, I don't think college graduates deserve breaks or dismissals on their loans.

    Everyone who took out a loan for college knew that the loan had to be paid back regardless of if they could find a job or not, I think that we should work with people who are having trouble paying it back and reduce the penalties and fines while they are searching for a job but in general I don't believe we should forgive the loans.

  • Education loans are a problem, but loan dismissal isn't the solution.

    People being pushed deeper and deeper into debt while being unable to make money is a huge issue, but at the same time they should be held responsible for their decision to take out a loan. The bigger issue is the cost of education in the first place, which is much too high.

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