• College students do have to write too many papers

    If there is something I can agree on completely, it is that college students are writing too many papers. I believe teachers are placing too much emphasis on papers and that less time is placed on learning the how to make it in the real world. To better prepare students, professors would need to prepare students for the real world, and focus less on papers and structure.

  • Yes: College Students Have To Write Too Many Papers

    The shift from public high school to college is a shock at many levels. It involves having a greater degree of autonomy at the same time as being asked to process more detailed information and produce larger volumes of work than ever before. Such a methodology is not conducive to learning. Students, who are paying exorbitant costs, should be integrated into a more self directed environment that allows for greater exploration under guidance, and creates the space and time needed to truly hone a refined knowledge base.

  • Yes, college students write too many papers.

    I think the amount of papers that student in college have to write is a bit much. I think that they should reduce the amount of papers they have to do and instead focus more on work that they have to do while in the classroom. I think it would be more beneficial.

  • More doesn't mean Better

    As both a former undergraduate, Current graduate, And grader there are too many papers. Papers are meant to expand on a current topic or research and provide and in-depth look. The only problem is that having multiple papers doesn't allow that, It's do it, Submit it, And move on. If papers were really useful it's be submit one paper, Get it back, Review and fix, Resubmit, And move on.

    Giving students more papers doesn't translate to better writing skills or knowledge. It only makes more paperwork for both sides.

  • Absolutely college students write too many papers!

    I can tell you that when I am done with my degree and in the workforce I will not be writing papers, So why am I writing so many now? I spend more time stressing and writing a paper for a class than I do learning the material in a practical way. I think that colleges should focus more on real-world experiences with a hands-on approach to learning as much as possible. If an individual finds in their career path that they want to write academic papers then they can take classes that are specific to that to perfect their writing.

  • Yes, Particularly in courses that have nothing to do with writing.

    The issue I have with enormous amount of writing required in college is the fact that most of that writing is in courses that are not related to writing. I can understand the necessity of writing papers in an English Composition class, Or even the occasional paper in a history class. However, My issue is when, For example, You are taking a computer class or a photography class, And you spend more time writing papers than taking photographs or working on computers. Universities need to understand that while writing may be integral to certain courses, It is not to all courses. It should be completely acceptable in any course that is not a writing course for students to not write even one paper in that class. Unfortunately, It seems as though universities believe that unless you are writing papers, It's not a real college course. This is a complete fallacy that needs to stop being perpetuated.

  • Way too many

    It is true that communication skills are important, however, the point of higher education is to learn how to function in a certain field. While certain fields do require written communication skills, most require more verbal communication skills. There is absolutely no reason for a person studying to be a worship leader at a church to have to write 10 pages worth of papers every week. I cannot believe the amount of work they give students these days. On top of all of these papers, I have to still study for weekly quizzes, prepare oral presentations, work a full time job, and be a father to my children. It would not be such a problem, but if I don't get a degree I can't get a job in a field that I am already qualified for and believe I am called to.

  • Writing skills are invaluable in the job market

    The ability to think and express those thoughts intelligently is the whole purpose of an education. Regardless of the chosen form of study, everyone has to write things down. We have to write things down in such a manner that we exhibit traits that align with the rules of writing, and thus proving that we followed the rules of whatever we are talking about. College students have to read a lot less thanks to google and "clif notes." They have it much easier than their predecessors.

  • Not On Average

    I do not believe college students have to write too many papers. During my three years in college before I absolutely couldn't afford to go, I didn't write many papers at all. My English classes did require lengthy papers and they were difficult, but I do think they were helpful to my education.

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