• Now they're just being flat out stupid.

    Colorado has been officially californicated. These stupid laws will not do anything but put the law abiding citizen at the disadvantage when they need to defend themselves. Criminals can find ways to buy larger magazines or make them. These laws are the pure essence of liberal stupidity and I feel bad for anyone living in Colorado now.

  • Yes, they do

    While I am sure that the laws and their drafters had their hearts in the right place, the truth is that the new gun regulations in Colorado have indeed gone way too far. I think that it has been shown that criminals don't care about gun laws. Only law abiding citizens obey them.

  • They do not

    I think the easiest answer to this question is to ask the people at the Aurora theater who were shot during the Dark Knight Rises if the new gun laws go too far. I think that safety is the first thing that we as a people need to strive for.

  • No, the laws will be effective in reducing the probability of a killing spree

    Colorado legislators clearly were responding to the several public incidents occurring in Colorado where a person or people went on a killing spree. Killing sprees only started happening when the technology to commit the act and the technology that gave a high probability of being caught (rather than letting the spree killer rob the victims and thus confuse the motivation) came together in the early part of the twentieth century. Reducing the availability of the technology that allows a person to commit the act will be effective in reducing the probability of incidence and this is clearly the will of the legislature.

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