• Yes they do1

    Colors have the power to make us feel certain things. For instance, it is said that if the color pink is in the room, the room is happier. Why? Pink is a bright color. All colors mean something. Even though that sounds dumb, think about the feelings that each color gives you.

  • Yes, I believe color effects emotion.

    I am very controlled by the colors around me. If I am in a white room, I feel like Im in a hospital. Everything is sterile ad clean. I find browns and greens calming and relaxing. Red brings out the passion and love of life, while black is empty. Most say yellow makes you happy, but personally, it makes me feel ill.

  • Yes, colors evoke emotions.

    It's pretty well accepted that colors evoke emotions or impressions on people. Advertisers use color to create impressions of their products that can actually be subliminal, so that a buy is drawn to a certain product by its color or packaging. Interior designers tell us what color paint to use in our house to evoke different moods such as drama, excitement, or tranquility.

  • Colors can influence emotions.

    The safest assumption we can make here is that colors can affect emotions in human beings. Whether certain colors can evoke certain emotions would require more proof, but it's safe to assume that colors can influence emotions in certain situations. Art itself can cause emotion, and that's made up of colors!

  • Yes, colors do evoke reactions.

    Colors have a very subtle effect in humans. But if you look at the animal kingdom, you can see how color affects the mating habits of birds. Peacocks for example use colors to evoke strong sexual desires in females. In humans, certain colors have shown to create certain feelings. The color pink for example has been shown to curtail aggressive behavior. The color brown and green, like in Starbucks, tends to create feelings of calm. Colors definitely have an effect on our emotions.

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