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  • Conservative women are needed

    Conservative women are needed to push feminism ahead. The old way of it being led by liberal women is not going to work in today's society. The movement needs young, fresh, women that are not afraid to speak up and lead the movement in a way that helps all women get ahead.

  • They are needed as a counterbalance

    Conservative feminists do not necessarily fall out of step with other more liberal feminists, they just act as the counterweight to the more liberal side of things. To call someone a conservative applies to a wide range of personal traits and beliefs, so the feminist aspect is a narrow concern that is not as influenced by being conservative.

  • No, Rachel Marsden does not damage modern feminism.

    I do not believe that conservative women such as Rachel Marsden damage the progress of modern feminism. I think that it is important that if women believe that they should be independent than they should also support women who have different opinions. I think that conservative women should have the right to be a part of the feminist movement as well.

  • No, I don't think women such as Rachel Marsden damage the progress of modern feminism.

    I think that Rachel Marsden is just one women who happens to make media attention from time to time, any damage she may have done to the progress of modern feminism is negated by other high profile names who bring more positive stories and more positive actions to light in the media.

  • Not Her Conservatism

    I do not believe Rachel Marsden's conservatism is the problem when it comes to the progression of modern feminism that is the problem. When one considers her way of handling and intermixing her personal life and her professional life, that is what is damaging to the image of women, not just the modern feminist movement. Rachel Marsden is a leech.

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