Do conservatives have an issue with white immigrants like their plastic paddy heritage or just brown immigrants?

Asked by: jakscrow
  • Conservatives have an issue

    With illegal immigrants and/or out of control immigration, period. But of course, you're referring to "browns" as you call them. So be it. Without education or skills, those 5 million more workers would be on the welfare wagon rather than contributing to tax revenue. Throw in a higher birth rate, bringing their own language and culture rather than trying to meld with what exists, and these are major problems. The billions of dollars you quote as magically going into the SS/ etc fund, is pure hogwash.
    And seriously..."plastic paddy"?

  • Most conservatives are loyal.

    Most conservatives are loyal to their immediate heritage while shunning those further from the human evolution tree relative to their loyalties. Our human heritage is what should only matter.

    Immigration reform will bring much needed tax revenue. The labor force participation rate is at 1977 low of 62.6%. Total USA unemployment, U6, is at 12.4%. Baby boomers are turning 65 at 10000 people per day for the next 15 years. The economy need good, young, and strong work ethics. Immigrants tend to be much better workers than complacent locals.

    Top 5 reasons for immigration reform

    1. 5 million more workers and their employers would pay payroll taxes
    2. Unauthorized immigrants would pay an additional $109 billion in federal, state, and local taxes
    3. Reform would add a net $606 billion to the Social Security trust fund
    4. Reform would extend the solvency of the Medicare trust fund by four years
    5. Reform would reduce the deficit by $820 billion over the next two decades

    Simple math, more workers mean more tax revenue.

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