Do conservatives lack empathy? Do they care for other's strife if it won't directly affect them?

Asked by: PapaBearPilotMan
  • A constant refrain from many Conservatives, though not all, is that there is a general lack of personal responsibility in our society.

    The traditional Conservative assertion is that anyone who experiences difficult circumstances does so because they lack motivation or strong moral character. The belief is that these individuals should do the 'American' thing and pick themselves up by their bootstraps. However, this argument ignores those who find themselves in difficult situations because of events beyond their control. Say, for instance, that someone becomes chronically ill, gets into a terrible accident, or is born into a household where violence and abuse is the norm. The vast majority of the time there is no realistic decision that could have been made to prevent these situations. Generally, the fear among conservatives is that once any individual, including those mentioned above, starts suckling at the teat of the government they will never want to stop. These fears are not completely unreasonable. However, in the wealthiest nation on earth, is it not better to cast the net wider to ensure that everyone who truly needs help can get the assistance that they require. If higher taxes or higher spending is the concern, there are unquestionably far less important items in federal and state budgets than ensuring our people have their bare minimum needs met. In summary, if Conservatives don't lack empathy, then many at least lack an understanding of what it is to truly struggle in this country.

  • Conservatives take away rights of others

    Conservatism promotes hate, liberalism wants everyone to be treated equally and have equal rights. The vice president himself believes all gays should be hanged and abortions illegal. Surely this shows that they dont even care about how to recipients of their ignorance feel and how it will affect them, now that means unempathetic

  • The fundamentals of this argument are unsound.

    Do SOME conservatives lack empathy? Probably. Some self-described "liberals", "progressives", "libertarians", "anarchists" and persons belonging to other ideological groups likely lack empathy as well. The problem with the original poster's question is an underlying assumption that "conservatives" are a homogeneous group of people among whom a monolithic set of morals and ethics exists, wherein empathy for other human beings is not prioritized. I hope it requires little in the way of evidence to substantiate that this is certainly untrue.

    If one were to pose another question, one asking whether or not conservative policies or political platforms are lacking empathy or compassion then a constructive debate could be had about the relative merits of the principles and both theoretical and observed outcomes of conservative and liberal/progressive policies based on sound logical arguments and empirical evidence.

  • This is just stupid

    Conservatives care about others for example charity and other works. Like for example conservatives belief in social gospel. Another example is for another example cutting taxes for all to make spending easier and the rich to have more money for charity. So yea it is not that hard Conservatives do care.

  • Just not true.

    Seems to me the key difference is who is responsible/in control. Republicans seem to want the people to have more control and responsibility for various things the democrats would rather the government take responsibility and control of those things. This means that democrats want more regulations and higher taxes to pay for the added responsibility the government takes on. Their taxes also tend to focus on the more wealthy. The more you make, the higher percentage you pay on taxes for that income. This may be okay for personal taxes but for corporations that compete with foreign companies, this can be catastrophic. Not only do they have to compete with countries that have lower man-hour cost but ones with lower taxes. No wonder so many U.S. companies moved manufacturing overseas.
    Look, if you want the government to wipe your nose for you and are willing to pay extra for the privilege, by all means, vote democrat but if you can wipe your own nose and don't want to pay for the privilege of others, vote republican.

  • Conservatism is a governmental philosophy.

    Personally statistics support that liberals and conservatives literally see the world differently. Conservatism is linked to consciousness, industriousness and orderlyness. Liberalism is linked to openness or ones ability to think out side the box. The interaction between these two groups created our current society. The liberals coming up with thousands of borderline nonsensical ideas the conservatives rebutting them, and when the liberals have a good idea it becomes what the conservatives defend. As much as this is interesting to actually engage with the question now this is part of the disconnect between liberals and conservatives that is causing a lot of our problems.

  • Conservatives are as empathetic as liberals. They often choose to show that empathy in different ways then liberals.

    Conservatives as a whole are as empathetic as liberals are. They just happen to believe that charity and help should first come from non government sources rather then always coming from the government. Conservatives contribute to local charities churches that are beneficial to society and they as a rule have pure motives. Just because they believe that the government is an inefficient way to help, does not mean they lack empathy, it just means that they want to do it in a different way.

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