• Depends on what you mean.

    If you are asking whether it not they will be on the same level in regards to hardware, then no. If you are asking in regards to gaming experience, sure. I prefer console gaming over PC gaming generally speaking. Consoles tend to provide better communities and support. Overall, a console gaming experience surpasses PC in my own experiences.

  • Its a CONSOLE

    Think about it, a console can do more than a pc. It makes gaming experience way better because of the controls, and graphics. Pc is incapable of the quality and graphics used in games such as C.O.D. Halo, and other games that deserve great quality and control handling, think about it.

  • Pc are always gonna be better

    Console are great, dont get me wrong but i feel that the pc will always be better, console are made for sitting down and playing games in comfortable place, pc are her to play high end games with amazing performance and stunning graphics so for me they probably stay in their current position

  • Logically, they can't.

    If you look at every console game system, they each began life as a PC. That means for them to exist, a PC must exist that is better. Even the games played on them were first played on PCs. Theoretically, if you had a high end computer, all the needed attachments (such as a hand held controller) and all the software that the console has, you could play any console game on that one computer.

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