Do consumers spend too much cash on weight-loss products, programs, and literature, just to get little or nothing in return?

  • Why would you eat to lose weight when while you were getting and eating all that sweet treats you loved it and indulged it?

    Yes, you ate all that food and now you want to eat your way out of it. That's not how it works. You need to go to the gym and get it all off because your body will feel amazing that you did do it and you won't want to go back and why would you.

  • It's a scam industry.

    That question is sort of like asking me if water is wet. Well, duh. The entire non-medical weight loss industry is a giant scam that does absolutely nothing except part consumers from their hard-earned money. Each and every single one of those products carries the caveat that only a change in diet and exercise will achieve the desired results. You don't need to spend hundreds of dollars to do that.

  • I believe that consumers spend far too much on weight-loss products, with little or no return.

    The weight-loss industry is a runaway success in this country, and yet we are still undergoing a widespread obesity epidemic. The truth is that most weight-loss products, systems, literature, etc. do nothing, or only work temporarily, for most consumers. This leaves them vulnerable to the next "plan" that comes along. Americans spend far too much on these products, with little to no return on the investment.

    Posted by: BrownDustin82
  • It is not effective to use any of the myriad of weight-loss products, because they are a huge waste of money.

    These products are mostly fads and gimmicks, and not worth the money at all. Overweight people need to get more exercise and eat healthier food, because that is the problem. If our society was more conducive to these requirements, it would be a lot more effective. For example, if people walked to a well-located store, instead of having to drive everywhere, then they would be more fit. If food was healthier, and not processed by so many fast food restaurants, that would be better, too.

    Posted by: DisillusionedGilberto67
  • Sometimes, people spend too much on diet products and never stick to the diet program.

    I believe that if people stick to a diet program, then it would be worth the money that they spend on the products. But, they have to actually use it.

    Posted by: JaggedWillard30
  • I agree that consumers spend too much on weight loss products and programs.

    Consumers who want to lose weight seem to always try and take the easy way out by buying weight loss products. In the end these products may work for a while, but the majority of people who use them often quit using the products because they do not have the desire or will power to continue doing so. Consumers would save a lot of money if they would realize that watching their diets and counting calories will have a much more positive outcome when it comes to their wanting to lose weight.

    Posted by: EantDirty
  • I agree that consumers do spend too much cash on weight-loss products, programs, and literature, just to get little or nothing in return, because there are easier, cheaper, and more natural ways to lose weight.

    I believe that people do spend too much cash on weight-loss products. All they need to do is maintain a balanced diet and exercise regularly to avoid buying weight-loss products. I also believe people spend too much money on programs and literature, because exercise and a balanced diet is all you need. And, it is free.

    Posted by: StatuesqueBarry59
  • Yes, consumers spend way too much money on weight loss products, because there is no quick fix as advertised.

    I think it is safe to say that weight loss is a multi-million dollar industry. Everyone wants to look good, but not have to sacrifice anything for it. We want to eat healthy, but don't want to exercise and do not stay committed. Hence, we take the easy route and use weight loss products. With so many celebrities endorsing it, it makes it even more appealing.

    Posted by: StripperMor
  • Yes, I do believe many dollars are spent without giving much thought or looking into the information on these weight loss products, most of which don't work.

    I do believe that if people would just eat healthier and exercise more they would not be spending exorbitant amounts of money every year on products that generally are no good anyway.

    Posted by: Bratzky
  • Yes, people spend way to much money on weight-loss products, just to remain overweight and unhealthy, because there is no miracle pill.

    Weightless is a very personal thing, and the idea that some miracle pill can make you lose weight, without exercise or a proper diet, is absurd. Despite this fact, there is a huge selection of products guaranteeing those very results. People wanting to lose weight have an admirable goal. But since there is no way for them to tell the worthless products from the good stuff, they might as well consult their doctor, and just exercise and diet on their own. Buying dieting and exercising materials is expensive enough on its own. So there's no need to waste more money buying some book telling you how to do it.

    Posted by: H_Baird
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