• I Suck mad dick

    There is a prophesy first discovered by the jews in 1942 that fortells the coming of an elderly woman, That fights against copyright.

    My nan is a god at tekken, But even more important is that she knows the secret G O D C O M B O that could destroy all life as we know it. You wouldn't want to say no to a woman that's breasts reach the floor, But could also crush a man, Would you?

  • Copyright is just straight up facism

    And you can fight me if you think otherwise. There is a prophesy first discovered by the jews in 1942 that fortells the coming of an elderly woman, That fights against copyright.

    My nan is a god at tekken, But even more important is that she knows the secret G O D C O M B O that could destroy all life as we know it. You wouldn't want to say no to a woman that's breasts reach the floor, But could also crush a man, Would you?

  • Yes. It contains many loopholes.

    The copyright law has many loopholes like, By making the content funny it is considered "fair-use". The copyright law is not very detailed or clear which lets some people get away with copyright infringement. Somebody can make a parody of another person's work and not get sued, Which is fair. Copyright Law causes too mush harm.

  • Artists are hurt to.

    Needing a license just to share ones content with the world on a platform, Can hurt potential money that can be made from the selling of they're art. Take the Deadpool game for example. In fact this is so bad that some virtual items can only be obtained through piracy. Copy right laws fail at they're intended purpose of inspiring creativity, They fail to protect the holder in that they deny them from selling they're own product that they worked hard to make. They did not steal, They made something. Just because Iron is used in one sculpture does not mean it cannot be used in another. Throwing away a piece of art, Just because of it taking inspiration from another is ridicules. We should not have horror movies in that case because of HP Lovecraft, Or even have HP Lovecraft novels because of his inspiration from older ancient works. The evidence is clear. The opposite is true, Freedom of information inspires creativity, Not the other way around.

  • Copyright is horrid

    I have been trying to watch a lot of older movies from the early 20th century, Staring with films such as the man with the rubber head, Blue beard, Metropolis, The general, Etcetera, I started to get into later works attempting to watch films such a Casablanca, Citizen kane, You know more of the classic movies, I cannot do so without paying for them, Considering there aren't a whole lot of people alive from that time period, Much less actors from that time period ors very unecessary to have to pay for classics

  • YES! ! ! We are against monstrous laws!

    I an from India. My opinion is. . . First crush up those meaningless laws. . Because god has created man to use and evolve ideas, Creativity and more. . . But who are these mean creatures to make laws on electronic words and languages? ! While the nature has the supreme laws and codes for all beings? ! The only solution for this problem is to end this world right now ASAP. . . ! ! !

  • They is du hurtin meh

    Dey is da reely hurtin my MEMES s s s s s s ss ss s s s s s ss s ss ss ss s s ss s ss s ss s s s s s ss s s s s s s ss ss ss s s ss

  • Honestly just no

    They are only good for one thing and that is to protect a book, Movie etc word for word. You think people who say yes are lazy? ARTISTS can be signed into a contract by someone else stating that they own their content. AND THEY DID NOTHING, All they had to do was get the artist to sign it. There are even DEAD singers that have their songs copyrighted by other people who might not have even known them.

  • It depends on the producer of the work

    I've seen people asking for upwards of $8, 000 for a photo someone wouldn't have paid $8. 00 for when no one meant to "steal" their work in the first place and simply asking the owners of the website to remove the image would have sufficed.

    Copyright law has become digital ambulance chasing

    There's nothing new under the sun anyhow

  • It's all about the money blah, Blah

    Why can't everyone just enjoy music? Why do we have to pay to hear nice sounding stuff? I guess it's all about the money for some people. But they could still make money at concerts and such.
    Also, Some websites instantly go nuts when you use a nice profile pic that isn't made by you. It's dumb! Not everyone can sing good or draw their own stuff to use. And who cares if it's a profile picture?

  • Copyrights Intended to Protect Owners

    Copyright laws are intended to protect the owners of intellectual property, art, movies and music from people making money off of their stuff. Copyright laws don't do more harm than good. It is those people who download stuff to the Internet illegally that harm copyright holders. Places like YouTube are inundated with copyrighted images daily that should be taken down.

  • No I do not think so.

    Copyright laws allow people to protect their ideas and own creations rather than get them stolen and sold of as their own work. It protects people making it do more good than it does harm. Yes at times it may cause certian individuals more problems, but overall the intention of them is good.

  • There is no reason to encourage a generation who posses a false sense of entitlement to free content over the Internet.

    Copyright owners should not be deprived of the basic rights to claim ownership to works they have created. By eliminating copyright right laws altogether, it diminishes the incentive to create and innovate, knowing that your work can be copied without being attributed. The existence of copyright laws help regulate the use and distribution of these 'expressions' of ideas and should continue doing so.

  • No I don't think so.

    You people who are saying yes, in my opinion are automatically lazy. Imagine you actually put yourself into doing something and someone just steals it because they are to lazy to do there own thing. How would you feel? Oh yeah you would feel pretty upset wouldn't you. They have this law for a reason so people actually have to do there own crap instead of stealing someone elses.

  • No and yes.

    Copyright laws in theory are important and should be strictly enforced, but the current law in the U.S. is excessive in the length of time protection is granted. Copyright protection should be more similar to patent protection, maybe just a few years more. The current law is a monstrosity and something the current populist movement should look at reforming.

  • Copy are meant for content creators

    Why people might think copy system is a good idea: if a person puts time and effort into making work all by themselves they feel gutted if someone takes all that work and takes credit for it, Because you know that person didn’t do anything in the project you worked so hard for. Copyright are intended to protect owners so it intended for good purpose. Though it may some times does harm it is meant for user who have their work stolen without a copyright system in place there will more and more work stolen for content creators who put their time and effort.

  • Uncreative Entertainers, Thieves!

    I agree with the copyright laws for a number of reasons. One, It stops people from mimicing others creative ideas, Which is a big, Big deal in the entertainment industry. For example, How would you feel if you worked for weeks and months on a song or comedy routine, And after it became popular or boosted your career in some way, And another person either uses your same idea bit-by-bit, Or tried to change it around by using your idea as crutch because their routine was horrible and they knew it. This is one reason I think copyright laws don't do more harm than good. It makes people have to be successful based on their own creativity, Rather than tail-coating someone else's creative achievements. People who steal from others are uncreative and have no business in a world where creativity wins. These people are uncreative thieves!

  • Copyright helps product ideas not get stolen

    Copyright makes me want to make more protected ideas since it helps protect mine so it doesn't get stolen since i made a product myself but someone stole it, My product was a flower design company but my so called friend stole it and made it her own now i live in the street with no money and she doesn't even talk to me anymore since she stole the idea.

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